Hi, this is Lizzie, and I’m here to bring you the most current information about what’s happening in the world of cannabis and hemp. First up this week, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the recent announcement by the US government that they’d be rescheduling cannabis and hemp back to a schedule II drug, which would move it up to the same level as heroin and cocaine. I must say I was disappointed, as I’d been hoping for a rescheduling that would have allowed medical marijuana and hemp to be fully researched and approved, rather than being classified as a schedule 1 drug. I know the federal government is still making up their minds, but I believe they will come to the right decision and reschedule

This week I wanted to make sure I got to as many posts as possible that I knew would be user friendly and informative. The first one I want to talk about is the infamous “Uber Pool”. Over the past week, many people have complained that they have been placed in this “Uber Pool”, and when they got to their destination they found that their trip was in fact, not an Uber Pool, but instead a regular Uber. They had been misinformed by the app that they were in an Uber Pool, when they were not. Apparently this is a common problem for many people.

I was having a hard time finding good weed strains in the beginning of this year, so I decided to do some of my own research. I found that indicas are for the most part a pretty poor choice for day time use, and that sativas are a much better choice. I also decided to try out some hybrid strains, and that turned out to be a pretty decent idea.

Former Eaze advisers sentenced to prison for bank fraud. Texas Governor Abbott approved a bill calling for the state to research psychedelic therapies for veterans, and Connecticut legalized cannabis for recreational use!

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Former Eaze advisers sentenced to prison for bank fraud

and Connecticut legalizes recreational cannabis

This Lo with Veriheal keeps you up to date with the latest cannabis news

Eaze advisers risk jail time for bank fraud

Remember the chaos surrounding cannabis delivery platform Eaze? The company ran into legal trouble when its employees were caught in bank fraud.

CEO Jim Patterson pleaded guilty to bank fraud last year.

And now two former advisers have been sentenced to more than a year in prison each.

Eaze itself was never charged and even cooperated with authorities, who eventually determined that the consultants used shell companies to disguise cannabis transactions as transactions in other commodities over a three-year period.

In case you didn’t know: Opportunities for banks in the cannabis business are limited because it remains a substance banned by the federal government and most FDIC-guaranteed banks consider it risky.

This unfortunately leads to situations where cannabis companies lie about what they do.

Texas investigates psychedelic therapy for veterans with PTSD

Next news,

If you’re a Texas veteran interested in psychedelic therapy for PTSD, we have news for you!

Just days after a small expansion of the state’s medical cannabis program, Governor Abbott has approved a bill requiring the state to study psychedelic therapy.

As part of the new measure, the state will partner with the Baylor College of Medicine and another military medical institution to study the risks and benefits of psilocybin, MDMA and ketamine for military veterans.

Rep. Alex Dominguez, who introduced the bill, said psychedelic medicine has the potential to completely change society’s approach to treating mental illness, and that research is the first step in that transformation.

Texas has joined a handful of other states in reforming their laws regarding psychedelics.

Connecticut legalizes recreational cannabis

Last but not least,

Connecticut has officially legalized recreational cannabis use!

The new law officially takes effect on January 1. July. However, the retail market will not be established until 2022.

By law, persons 21 or older may carry up to 1.5 grams and keep up to 5 grams in a locked container at home.

It also creates a market framework in which people from communities affected by the war on drugs are given priority in licensing,

The new law also includes exemptions for certain cannabis-related convictions and measures against drunk driving.

We can’t wait to see what awaits us in Connecticut!

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