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The UN is concerned that profits are taking precedence over public health in the promotion of cannabis. A Virginia-based organization is organizing the Great Commonwealth Cannabis Seed Share, giving away about 10,000 free seeds this week, and the family of the late Bob Marley is planning to launch a brand of mushrooms.

UN urges ban on cannabis advertising
And the family of the late Bob Marley joins the
mushroom boom It’s Lo with Veriheal to keep you up to date with the latest cannabis news.

UN to ban cannabis advertising

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime wants to call for a ban on the advertising of cannabis, so that the focus is on public health rather than on commercial interests and profits.
The UN does not have the power to enforce these rules, but it can make recommendations.
Many agree and want to avoid a situation similar to the tobacco advertising of a century ago, when tobacco was presented as a healthy product for all.
Statistics show that the percentage of young people who think cannabis is harmful has dropped by 40% in the last 25 years.
At the same time, the potency of cannabis products has increased significantly over the same period.
Cannabis has enormous potential for our health, but it still carries a stigma and is difficult to get rid of.
Therefore, it is wise to be cautious when announcing it in the community, especially in the presence of children.
Canada and Uruguay are the only countries that have completely lifted the ban on cannabis, and both have a strict approach to advertising.

Virginian organisation hands out free cannabis seeds

Also in the news,
A Virginia organization handed out free cannabis seeds to residents in honor of the first day of cannabis legalization in the state.
Virginia Marijuana Justice held the largest cannabis seed swap in the Commonwealth on Thursday, handing out nearly 10,000 free seeds.
The state won’t have a retail market until 2024, but in the meantime, cultivation at private homes is allowed and people can enjoy their own produce.
Virginia’s new cannabis law currently allows a person to grow four plants in their home.
If you have seeds and want to grow them at home, check out our valuable growing tips on the Veriheal blog.

Bob Marley’s family does mushrooms

And finally, Bob Marley’s family (
) steps up to the plate against the mushroom farm!
The Marley family has partnered with Silo Wellness, the world leader in psychedelic products, to launch Marley One, the world’s first consumer brand of functional and psychedelic mushrooms.
Marley One will begin producing health products based on non-psychoactive mushrooms.
These products are made from functional mushrooms such as lion’s mane, chaga, reishi and turkey tail, which have unique health benefits ranging from strengthening the immune system to improving sleep.
The company plans to launch a line of psychedelic mushroom products under the Marley name later this year, followed by more functional mushroom products.
Hopefully this will start a conversation about mushrooms in general and help pave the way for psychedelics in the long run.
The CEO of Silo Wellness explained: The main goal is to destigmatize [mushrooms] and let people look at them without being afraid of all those prejudices.

We can’t wait to see what Marley One has in store for us!

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