Cannabis is legal in California. As a result, people are smoking weed with abandon and believe that they’re being safe by using the “I live in CA so I can legally buy cannabis” defense to avoid trouble. But what does it mean to be “safe?” How much pot should you have before something goes wrong? To clear up any confusion about how strict California laws actually are when it comes to marijuana, let’s first take a quick look at some of the rules you’re bound to run into if you do reach for your bong one too many times this summer.

The “how much weed can you carry in california 2020” is the question that has been on many people’s minds. While it is legal to possess and use cannabis in California, there are still rules and regulations that must be followed.



In California, cannabis has been legal for recreational use for over five years. California people may use their weed medicinally, recreationally, and freely — to an extent — thanks to delivery services and storefront dispensaries, as well as the state’s inaugural marijiuana competition.

While marijuana is legal in the state, there are still restrictions and punishments for those who use it.

It’s also worth noting that anyone above the age of 18 may be eligible for medical marijuana. Minors are only eligible in a few circumstances. Otherwise, you must be at least 21 years old.

Proposition 64, the Adult Use Marijuana Act, for example, restricts marijuana possession and cultivation to people aged 21 and over. Fines, forced drug education or therapy, and community service may be imposed on anyone under the age of 21 who are detected with pot that is not medically approved.

Other methods to be in trouble with the law for possessing marijuana include:

People 18 and older who “possess more than 28.5 grams of cannabis, or more than eight grams of concentrated cannabis, or both, must be penalized,” according to the California Health and Safety Code. That’s around 1 ounce in weight. Imprisonment in a county jail for up to six months or a fine of up to $500, or both, are possible penalties.

Selling marijuana to others

Exchanging marijuana for money is unlawful unless you have a license and are selling marijuana via your company. However, you may provide marijuana to your loved ones without obtaining a license.

In Public Places, Smoking

It is illegal to use marijuana in public. According to the city of Sacramento, if you’re discovered doing so, you might face a fine of up to $100, or up to $250 if you’re in an area where smoking tobacco is prohibited. If you smoked within 1,000 feet of a childcare center, school, or other place where children are present, you will face harsher sanctions. National parks and other public locations, such as municipal or state parks, walkways, and residential areas, are also prohibited from ingesting cannabis products. While driving or travelling in a vehicle, boat, or plane, you cannot smoke, consume goods, or have an open container or package.

Taking marijuana to the airport

It might be difficult to negotiate marijuana in airports. Because cannabis is allowed in California, certain airports, such as Los Angeles International Airport and Sacramento International Airport, will let you to carry a legal quantity – up to 28.5 grams. Federal rules will apply after you reach the Transportation Security Administration. Weed is also forbidden under federal law. TSA officers will report any suspected legal infractions, such as cannabis in a traveler’s luggage, to local, state, and federal authorities. These organizations will decide whether or not the individual may continue to travel with their cannabis product. On its website, LAX urges travelers to verify their destination’s state marijuana legislation, since they may differ.

Is it possible to transport marijuana over state lines?

No, you cannot transport cannabis over state boundaries, even if you are traveling to and from a state that has legalized marijuana.

Marijuana and the Workplace

A bill was filed in March to prohibit employers from discriminating against workers who test positive for marijuana. Despite the fact that marijuana is allowed for recreational and therapeutic uses in California, companies have the authority to test their workers and take action if the findings are positive.


The “can you smoke weed in public in california 2020” is a question that many people are asking. The answer is yes, but you can still get in trouble. Here’s what you should know about the new law that went into effect on January 1st 2020.

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