Cannabis legalization has been a hot-button topic for the past few years, and while there is still no nationwide consensus on its effect on society, some studies suggest that cannabis can help seniors maintain their sexual health. Understanding how to incorporate cannabis into senior sex life could be key in fighting declining libido.



The impact of cannabis on sex is a subject that is often debated. However, cannabis and its impact on senior sex life get much less attention, despite the fact that it should.

Cannabis has a broad variety of effects on a person’s sex life, from just making them feel more turned on to opening the mind to deeper intimacy and increasing awareness. When used by seniors, cannabis may have an even greater effect, providing relaxation and improved libido while also addressing ailments that occur naturally as individuals age and their bodies change.

Ashley Manta, a coach who specializes in the “cannasexual,” talked with Forbes. “Cannabis is very beneficial for elders because it solves the major issues that prevent intimacy,” she said. One of the most prevalent issues for people whose bodies are aging is pain. Pain may be quite distracting when it comes to pleasure, whether it’s from arthritis, stiffness, or an accident.”

She emphasizes the advantages of topicals, which have a localized impact and may help those who aren’t acclimated to them avoid distracting head highs. “You may apply them directly to the areas that ache — elbows, knees, or hips — and that helps alleviate a lot of the pain,” she said.


Aside from relieving physical aches and pains, cannabis contains a number of lubricants and intimate oils that may assist increase sex, particularly in postmenopausal women who may suffer a reduction in libidos. These oils may increase arousal and give alternative ways for couples to interact, whether it’s via an intimate massage or just trying something new together.

The usage of cannabis by elders is a subject worth exploring and beginning. According to studies, cannabis usage among seniors is rapidly rising year after year, with the majority of individuals becoming more knowledgeable about the plant and learning how to utilize it to their benefit. Cannabis’ effect may help seniors with a range of things, including managing chronic diseases and giving a stress-relieving retreat. Although sex is the least covered of these topics, it is as crucial.

As more businesses become engaged in cannabis, additional products will undoubtedly be developed to appeal to a wide range of individuals, including older people who want to have sex because it’s enjoyable, healthy, and makes them happy.

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