While cannabis is often associated with lazy stoners with a growing pot-belly and a goofy grin, I’ve found that the best way to get the most out of your cannabis is to prepare it properly. The Gentleman’s Concentrate Class examines the history, chemistry, and methods of preparing marijuana concentrates.

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the benefits of CBD oil lately. It’s a natural and organic supplement used by many people to naturally and effectively manage pain, anxiety, and various other health issues, and it has a lot of potential to become a ‘must have’ supplement.

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Holistic Remedies, a Washington, DC-based MMJ grower, is hosting a concentrate class tomorrow at the National Holistic Healing Center, and is also offering 15% off their oils, waxes, tinctures, etc.  I decided it was high time I took a lesson from myself.  As part of the Teach to Teach project. I hope you’ll listen to me!  I’m not going to complain about the advertised THC content; since there is no independent lab test in Washington and you have the right to say what you want, we’ll leave out what can be easily changed.  Let’s start with a short presentation.  It won’t be long now, people! word-image-4697 Seattle Tonics, 1. Price – $35/gram word-image-4698 Extracts from Portland, 1. Price – $24/gram word-image-4699 Do you prefer StickyGuide? $27 per gram in Cali OK! Does everyone agree on what concentrates should cost at this point?  Just so you know, I didn’t hunt for these photos. I invite you to take a look at the menu on these pages for businesses in Colorado, California, Oregon and Washington if you think I’m missing something – you’ll soon see that everything is going according to plan. word-image-12759


Holistic Remedies vape pen cartridges are the biggest steal in the entire D.C. medical marijuana system.  At least District Growers’ flowers are fun.  These things don’t work.  From my own experience and other reviews I’ve seen, their error rate is about 50%.  If they work, i.e. if steam comes out when they are activated, you will not feel like you are doing a cure and wondering if it is working. Once you know how to build such a thing that works, you should know that it also needs to withstand more than a dozen shocks – 100 is the industry standard (and 300 is the advertised industry standard).  Finally, if you plan on charging $60, most western manufacturers offer a cheap 510 battery in that price range. If you find even one review on this product, please let me know!  I will never spend my hard earned money on this product again, and that is the best advice I can give you all.  I like the discretion and efficiency of vape pens, so I’m glad to hear that a new DC manufacturer is making these pens that will be available soon.

VACS and HONEY OIL – Contract cancellation!

What the hell, guys? $150 a gram is totally unacceptable.  That’s SIX times the price of the menu I linked above.  I should have an oil slick myself instead of that cheap plastic tub that everything sticks to, and a taxi home because you don’t think I’m going to walk in these heels after getting fucked so hard, do you? Wilde. Seriously, let’s talk about it.  I want to support the pharmacy.  I want to buy my medicine in a well-lit, safe store, from good people who are clearly invested in Washington’s physical stores. I also want to be able to respect myself when I go home.  I would understand a street price increase and not care. THEY PULL PEOPLE ALL OVER THE TABLE!  The wax and honey oil you all produce is of decent quality (at these prices it must be terpene heaven) and I am willing to pay a fair price. When you offer a price that is SIXTY PERCENT higher than comparable products in the West, you don’t shrug, you let the crazies (hello sailor!) create websites to scold you on the internet.  And nobody wants that!


word-image-12760 Photo of Amnesia Haze Crumble from Holistic Remedies They burned all the terpenes in that stuff.  They all taste the same and have the terrifying effect of not being waxed.  Now I’m happy to see that the consistency is improving, that it’s stronger, easier to work with.  And I’m doubly glad it’s now in parchment paper instead of the plastic containers it sticks to. Since it sells for less ($100 per gram, but still 3-4 times the price above) and is of better quality than the $80 per gram black resin that tastes like Alternative Solutions’ vegetable paste, I recommend it to people who insist on getting a concentrate from a dispensary. But there are so many better and cheaper substances available for recreational use that people really shouldn’t buy from you, even with a huge 15% discount. A note to our regional supervisors on this – at these prices, do NOT advise people to rub their shellfish with this product.  It works best with an oil rig or a wax stick. If you tell people to use it as a topper, you might as well tell them to smoke their flowers with hundred dollar bills.  It is a misuse of a resource that is too expensive. I’d go to class tomorrow and tell them everything in person, but I’m afraid that after a year of these awards, I’ll be struggling in my seat until the end, and then be led away because I was trying to scream and throw up at the same time. I’m not interested in excuses.  Fix it, guys.We are currently in the middle of a series of posts on cannabis and how it can be used for holistic healing through the written word. The cannabis community is a tight-knit group of enthusiasts with a wide range of passions, interests and disabilities. Some people use cannabis to treat their own ailments, others offer their expertise and herbal knowledge to others that may be interested in learning more.. Read more about what is holistic care and let us know what you think.

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