Capsules are a great way to get cannabis into your system without having to deal with an open flame or other dangerous ways of smoking. They also offer an easy method for anxiety and stress relief, and provide a nice alternative to alcohol.

In the next few weeks, you will be able to purchase a 15ml bottle of Cannabinoid Relaxed Capsules. The capsules will come in a beautiful minimalist package that is designed to highlight the capsule bottles. Please take a moment to look at the pictures of the capsules and the boxes. This will be the first time we have ever sold capsules and we are really excited about them. We hope they will provide you with calm, focused and relaxed feelings.

Did you grow up in a time where cannabis was prohibited? Did you know people were punished for possessing it? You probably heard of Reefer Madness, a film that was produced in 1936 during the height of the prohibition of cannabis. The film depicts how cannabis use leads to insanity, criminal tendencies, and early death. Reefer Madness has had a lasting cultural effect, but the facts are just not there to support the film’s claims.

The Feel Collection is a brand of oral preparations from Green Thumb Industries, consisting of tinctures, RSOs and capsules. GTI owns/operates Chesapeake Alternatives, a recycling company in Maryland that produces both the TFC and the Rythm cartridges we want, and three RISE distributors. They are also available in Florida and soon in IL, PA, MA and NV! Exciting times ahead, eh Watson? There are different formulations of capsules, some of which contain CBD. Energized, Dreamy 1:1, Comfort 2:1 and Comfort 10:1 can be found on drugstore shelves in Maryland, as can Relaxed, which I took. After Mayor Bowser announces that she wants to put an end to gift giving in Washington, Gentleman is rather tense. I’m not ready to go back to the real world yet! I still have nothing to do! And, of course, plant reviews. Which brings us back to the Sensation collection…..


TFC capsules are made with coconut oil, a common binder for cannabinoids. The Relax version also contains blue chamomile. Each capsule contains approximately 5 mg of THC, but as indicated on the packaging, there may be slight variations in the ratio. word-image-9495 As you can see above, my test showed 5.25 mg of THC and 0.24 mg of CBG. For your information: Variations in dosage are common when using incense blends. Nothing wrong with that. The size of the capsules is not bad. I can easily swallow one at a time. Two is a bit much, but doable. I could try a higher THC content (see below), but I really don’t want to take a dozen pills at a time. I guess that’s one of the benefits of eating classically, because I’m more likely to get a cookie in my face. Anyway, The Feel Collection capsules are available in larger quantities if you wish, but we received a small box of 20 capsules containing a total of 100mg of THC. The price at GreenLabs in Baltimore was $24, which is in line with prices I’ve seen elsewhere. They come in a reusable box that can hold all 20 capsules. Yeah, I suppose you could fill it with dead dreams, but that’s pretty grim even for you, isn’t it? word-image-9496

Test conditions

Come on, baby, show the bitch! At GTHQ, we take supplements seriously, as I have had to give up many. I staggered the four tests over a week, with one day with no consumption in between to cancel out the increase in tolerance. Tests 1, 2 and 4 used my new jutsu described here to maximize effectiveness for high-tolerance people like me.

  • Test 1: 25 mg/morning/light breakfast
  • Test 2: 20 mg/late afternoon/4 pm
  • Test 3: 30 mg at the beginning of the evening / 1 hour after the meal
  • Test 4: 25 mg/late in the evening/4 hours after meals


With my new method of application, tests 1 and 2 with The Feel Collection relaxing capsules produced positive results. After 30-35 minutes, I feel refreshed and happy. However, the power is light and short-lived and fades after an hour of operation. It replaced the need to smoke cannabis for about an hour, which is my criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of an edible. They haven’t worked in a long time. Each capsule costs about $1.20, or $4.80 to $6, which is about the price of a half-gram joint if you roll it yourself. word-image-9497 I usually take the product 2-3 hours, so in comparison it would take me twice as long to take The Feel Collection capsules. Once the effects of the TFC capsules began to wear off, I started eating. There was no lingering aftertaste, just a slight aftertaste. Here we go. Kaput. Game over, man. Test No. 3 showed the highest potency of 30 mg. An hour earlier I had eaten pizza for dinner, which would be fat enough to promote THC absorption. Unfortunately, there was no significant effect. Test 4 was the most realistic of all. When I take a capsule called Relaxed, I expect it to help me fall asleep without thinking too much about what I ate, when and how much. The 25 mg finally had an effect, although it took over an hour before I felt anything. When it happened, it lasted about 10 minutes. At that moment I was overcome by a sudden and strong fatigue. But I watched almost an entire episode of the GoT series, so I fought the urge to fall asleep. The exertion disrupted the TFC capsules and I stayed awake for another two hours.

Gentleman, uh… Very good.

If you have a low tolerance for incense blends, The Feel Collection’s Relaxed capsules may appeal to you more than they did to me. They work for me in the right conditions, but even then I’m looking for a little more power. I would have been satisfied if the effect had not occurred so quickly in the fourth test. And after all the testing, my burps tasted like grass for a few hours. We call them Canna Burpees! Not so cool. This is not uncommon, but preparations of ingested and administered cannabis can be found that do not have this drawback.I have been using the Calm and Sleep capsules for a week now and have noticed slight changes in my sleep pattern. I have been more alert and awake while I am at work in the morning. I have also been able to sleep through the night, which I haven’t done in a long time. I have noticed that I am more relaxed during the day and am less stressed than I was in the past. I like the product and look forward to continuing use.. Read more about the feel collection energized and let us know what you think.

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