Cleaning your cannabis bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and vapes is a necessary part of the process to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your stash. If you’re not cleaning properly, these devices could easily become contaminated with bacteria and other harmful substances.

The cleaning pipe with vinegar and baking soda is a process that can be done to make your cannabis bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and vapes clean.

Nothing is more annoying than inhaling a nice hit only to be met with the taste of resin and particles. Unkempt herb gear not only soils even the finest flowers, but it also smells up your house and clothes. Stick to a routine of washing all of your favorite items to avoid unpleasant impacts and bad smells.

Cleaning your smoking utensils is an important part of any seasoned stoner’s regimen. Some smokers like to rinse off their rig after each session, while others choose for a more thorough cleaning every now and again. Cleaning your accessories requires a few basic equipment and procedures, regardless of the method you choose. Take a look at this comprehensive guide on cleaning your cannabis equipment.

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What is the best way to clean a dab rig?

Wax concentrations rapidly accumulate in a dab rig’s complex percolators. You may use a few things to loosen up the herbal gunk. Bring the water to a boil and then set it aside to cool for a few minutes before pouring it over the piece. Wrap a paper towel or plastic wrap over the nail space and mouthpiece and shake vigorously for a few minutes. Pour out the solution and wipe it clean after the resin has dissolved.

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Replace the hot water with room-temperature isopropyl alcohol if your setup needs a more powerful approach. Shake until the rig is clean, using a pinch of salt to exfoliate stubborn wax. Hand-blown rigs like those from MJ Arsenal may be kept looking fresh by cleaning them on a regular basis.

How do you clean your vape pens?

When cleaning glass, you should use liquid solutions and salt, however when cleaning a vape pen, you should use a different method. Instead, get a trusted brush and start to work cleaning the areas where muck accumulates. Disassemble the pen into as many parts as possible and dust each one thoroughly. Dip a cotton swab in acetone and carefully brush over difficult spots.

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If you don’t clean your vaporizer on a regular basis, built-up muck will make it work harder (not smarter) during your daily smoke sessions. A neglected vape pen, in the worst-case situation, could increase your chance of inhaling dangerous germs, undermining your high.

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What is the best way to clean a pipe?

Give your toking tool some much-needed TLC if you frequent cannabis circles. To begin, choose your preferred cleaning solution or create your own using rubbing alcohol, table salt, and dish soap. Fill a reusable plastic bag with the solution once that phase is finished, since this vessel will allow for total pipe submersion. If this pipe-friendly soaking bath deflates your cleaning routine, consider a another approach.

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Instead of an Epsom salt and rubbing alcohol saline solution, try a salt and vinegar solution, a fizzy baking soda and vinegar combination, or the dynamic pair of sand and water. Freeze your glass item first to enable the resin to solidify for the best effects.

If the baking soda and vinegar bath doesn’t work, go with the tried-and-true method of boiling water. Allow the piece to soak for around 30 minutes once the water has reached boiling temperature. Your pipe will be ready for your next session after a quick towel dry.

But how frequently should your glass pipe be washed? Surprisingly, experts suggest cleaning your pipes once every one to two days for heavy users. Cotton-swab touch-ups are a necessity if frequent salt and rubbing alcohol treatments don’t fit into your busy schedule. Germs will attach to the stem if you don’t, and a sticky biofilm will form, increasing your risk of infection.

What is the best way to clean a bong?

Isopropyl alcohol is a must-have component for bong cleaning sessions, just as it is for pipe cleaning. Make a combination of diluted alcohol and hot water to set dangerous germs on fire. The fluid should then be poured into your favorite bong. Make sure to give the grime-eliminating combination a good shake for clean results. To do so, scrunch a paper towel into a ball and use it to seal the bowl joint and mouthpiece. Invest in rubber caps for your bong if your DIY repair is resulting in a poor and spill-prone clean. That way, you can mix up your cannabis gear upkeep without turning your bathroom or kitchen into a temporary splash pad.

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Note that vinegar and coarse salt may be used as a replacement for rubbing alcohol in a pinch. Clean your bong at least once a week, regardless of the pre-smoke solution you select. Bong-cleaning, on the other hand, encourages a more-is-better attitude. If you can’t go a day without a bong rip, clean your bong at least once a day.

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Why? For starters, you’ll feel the benefits of flower much sooner, and the impact will be much smoother. Your clog-free bong will not only increase your highs, but it will also help you save bud, which is music to a seasoned smoker’s ears.

Make use of commonplace things

Instead of spending money on cleaning supplies, utilize what you already have in your bathroom cabinet. Isopropyl alcohol is, of course, a tried-and-true glass cleaning solution. For the greatest effects, combine the liquid with salt and let it in your piece overnight.

White vinegar is a formidable foe in the fight against hard-water stains both inside and out. When it comes to equipment, cotton swabs and the ordinary toothbrush are surprisingly effective at removing the built-up resin. To remove hard-to-reach spots, gently twist them down stems and percolators.

Don’t forget about the extras.

Make a point of cleaning your herb accessories after they’ve been used a lot. Disassemble your grinder and submerge each component in boiling water to keep it in good condition. Remove them from the fire after a few minutes and let aside for approximately thirty minutes. Scrub the grinder with a toothbrush once it has dried and let it dry. Remember to keep an eye on your smoking bag, which may easily get clogged with stray herbs crumbs and stubby lighters. Every few months, go over your gear and arrange the basics.

Clean and green

Maintaining a well-kept cannabis kit can help you get the most out of your smoking experience. Cleaning your favorite items is, fortunately, very easy with the proper cleaning equipment and solutions.

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The what is the fastest way to clean a glass pipe is a question that has been asked many times. There are some methods that can help you get your bong, dab rig, or vape clean in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean glass water pipes?

You can use a mixture of vinegar and salt to clean the glass.

Does vinegar clean bong resin?

Vinegar is a great cleaner for bong resin. It can help remove the sticky residue left behind by smoking.

Can I boil my silicone bong to clean it?

Unfortunately, you cannot boil your silicone bong to clean it. You can however use soap and water or a dishwasher to clean it.

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