Many people have heard of the word “vape,” yet few have truly experienced the difference it can make in their lives. Vaping is the process of inhaling the vapor produced from concentrated cannabinoids, and the experience has been described as tasting like the freshest, cleanest air on Earth. That is because vaping is not combustion, the process of burning the cannabis flower. Combustion burns off many of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenoids that make cannabis such a powerful medicine.

For those who enjoy cannabis, but are looking for a healthier alternative to smoking, vaping is the way to go. It’s nearly odorless, discreet, and can be used almost anywhere. For those who prefer concentrates, however, vaping can be a little bit difficult. There are several types of vape cartridges available, but they are typically made of glass or plastic. Glass cartridges are incredibly fragile, and can often break if dropped. For this reason, they aren’t ideal for traveling. Plastic cartridges are a little bit safer, but they’re also very rigid, which can cause them to pop off and spill your cannabis oil. The CLEAR (Mahatma) Vape cartridge uses a flexible polymer that allows it to bend and move with the

The Clear Mahatma line is a fancy vape cartridge line that features (the strain) Mahatma. It also features a multitude of flavoring options (the strain) Mahatma can be enjoyed in vapor form. The company behind the Clear Mahatma line has been around since 2013 and is dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabis products in the industry.

Cannabis Station wasn’t originally on my list of men’s dispensaries to visit in Denver, but after getting some CLEAR brand concentrate in my little white-fingered hands, I was definitely not wrong! CAUTION: The latest news suggests that there is a risk of serious lung damage from vaping. Public health officials are looking into it. AT YOUR OWN RISK! While looking for something edible near Mile High Stadium, I saw a beautiful luminous hummingbird mural on the wall of this independent store. I ventured inside, eager to raid the old frontier town for all the goldgrams I could get my hands on with my green dollars. The Cannabis Station makes an excellent first impression. The lobby is more like a living room, well lit, spacious, with comfortable couches all around and free marijuana magazines to browse through while you wait. One wall is decorated with artfully placed concert posters. This place feels like a trendy community center where you can go for both the product and the scene. I came in just as another customer was leaving, and was alone for a moment before the barmaid and her little dog came through the door. word-image-11382 Unfortunately, when it was my turn to enter the sanctuary, I found out why I was the only person in the hall on that bright Saturday morning. Although there was plenty of room inside, it was dark and mostly filled with t-shirts. Dude, some t-shirt printers are getting rich off these clinics, I can tell you that. There are many more unpleasant things I would like to say about it, but 1. no one is buying it and neither am I, so I sob miserably into my pillow every night while Black Lab wails through the speakers, and 2. unfortunately there are more unpleasant things I have to do. It was the only dispensary on my trip that only had a few buds in sample jars of flowers at a time. It was pretty pathetic compared to all the other stores I visited. There was no more than an eighth in each of them, and maybe less. The flowers were different from those I had found in other stores: some were bright green. What I could see contained some very good trichs, but I couldn’t find any with a good flavor profile – which certainly didn’t help the bald cans. It gets worse, because that’s exactly the pharmacy I was talking about in my preface. Oh, I’ll save you the reading. One bather told another that he couldn’t tell if the flower he was looking at smelled like pine or citrus. Two of my favorite patients! I Greedily I asked him to hand over the sample for inspection, then stepped back in surprise. The smell he didn’t understand, I slowly explained, was ammonia. I finished my search for flowers there, but the prices were not great per gram – $17 each. word-image-11383 I was concentrating. They didn’t have any promotions, but it was the first place I went that had The CLEAR vape cartridges. We both know syncing is the best way, Matt, but trolleys are great for tourists. It was important for me to check out a few since I’m a marijuana tourist or something. The price was exorbitant: $40 for 250 mg! But it was the only thing I really wanted, and they had a wide selection of half a dozen scents. With some hesitation, I handed over the money, but left the store with a basket that made my toe crave back to my super nice hotel room. I have to say that this vape cartridge is clearly an excellent product (budum ching, here all night, folks, don’t forget to tip your weirdo), one of the best I’ve ever had. If you are not familiar with CLEAR, it is a strong distillate with added flavors. Their website has good information about their processes if you want to know more. The draft is mild, but the smoke quickly thickens as the car warms up. It feels like a little drop! The flavor is excellent, the perfect amount of flavor added – I forgot which one I used and guessed it was something fishy. When I found the shiny tube packaging to check it out, I was happy to see that it said Orange Cream on the label. For me, two to three puffs per session of this CLEAR vape cartridge are enough – I don’t experience any other effects with the cartridges, although I still take puffs. I have a massive headache, which immediately calms me down and brings me back down to earth. The strong high passes quickly, but the relief from anxiety and concentration lasts an hour or two. word-image-11384 This vape cartridge from The CLEAR made me wish I had bought a bigger one! Excellent product, this cart has received full credit from your lordship and is highly recommended to my fellow ganja travelers. The price was pretty high, though, and I suppose you can find very satisfying products for less if you don’t come to Denver to rave about pharmacies. I can’t say the same for Cannabis Station, which clearly has a lot of love, thought and talent put into it, but fails miserably in its basic execution. Numero uno, people, turn on those damn lights so I can see what I’m doing, and dos, fill the sample jars.Lizzie is a new brand of cannabis, made from Mahatma, a strain of cannabis that has been around for a long time. Lizzie is different to other cannabis brands because it is the first to be available in different strengths. This allows you to find the strength you need to help you with your particular condition. Lizzie is different in other ways too. It is available in convenient vape form, which is a great way to get the effects of cannabis without smoking it. You get the same benefits of cannabis, without as many problems.. Read more about the clear og cartridge and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when a cart is clear?

If you’re ever in a vape store, you might notice a lot of clear cartridges. Some are prefilled, others are empty. What does it mean and why do they exist? As with most things, it comes down to cost. Clear cartridges are prefilled with nothing, which allows the store to mix their own products in the cartridges, control the amount of THC or CBD in each cartridge, and avoid having to deal with the legal issues associated with producing cannabis oil. If you find a cartridge with nothing in it, it’s empty. The first step to vaping is understanding the terminology. Every part of a vape cartridge has a different role, and it’s important to know what each part does. When a cartridge is clear, it’s because it’s empty—there’s no more e-liquid inside of it to use. When a cartridge is clear, it means the cartridge is empty. When your cartridge is clear, don’t worry. You can still vape with it, and you’ll just need to fill it with some more e-juice to be able to continue vaping.

Are Clear cartridges sativa or indica?

When I first heard about clear cartridge vape pens I was very skeptical, I assumed that the only way you could get a pen vaporizer with a clear cartridge would be to get a vape pen with a plastic cartridge made out of a material that is a pain to clean. (I personally prefer the taste of glass cartridges) I was wrong, the Mahatma Vape-cartridge is made with a glass cartridge which can be easily cleaned. With the Mahatma Vape-cartridge you get the best of both worlds, a cannabis vape cartridge that looks as clean as it tastes. Clear cartridges are the new topic on the block. It appears that the hype is real because the new clear cartridge is being declared as an indica and sativa vape cartridge.  The new cartridge has been made with the same manufacturer of the famous Mahatma cartridge and they have created a new cartridge that is a sativa and indica blend. The new cartridge has been made with a 99.9% pure cannabis terpene blend that helps with pain and inflammation.

Why are dab carts clear?

When it comes to vaporizers, dabs carts are the most common form of consumption. So, a question we get asked a lot is, Why are dab carts clear? The answer is pretty simple: Marijuana and its essential oils are fat soluble, so when you consume it in the traditional way, the THC is released from the plant and becomes part of your body fat. However, when you use a dab pen, the THC dissolves into the oil and doesn’t get absorbed by your body. What does this mean for you? First and foremost, you are getting more THC into your system, and therefore more effect. But it also means that the THC isn’t being “stored” inside your body. This means you’ll enjoy the Ever wonder why many dab carts are clear? It’s because the plastic used in the construction of an e-juice cartridge is too thin and stiff to withstand the temperature of a dab without exploding. The solution for this is to use a second, thicker piece of plastic to shield the cartridge from the heat. The simplest method is just to tape a piece of plastic wrap over the juice cartridge, as seen below.

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