There is a lot of interest in the new breed of Cannabis-based medicines coming along and the Cannabis Society International is hosting a Hybrid Cannabis Conference in London on September 27th 2016.

Each September, the Cannabis Society of Canada hosts a three-day conference at which they invite world-renowned cannabis researchers and advocates to talk about the latest research with the goal of inspiring attendees to keep pushing the cannabis movement forward. This year, they are inviting speakers from all over the world to talk about the most vital research topics.



On Tuesday, September 21st, 2021, the Cannabis Society will hold a global hybrid conference addressing two different topics: European Medical Cannabis and North American MSO Growth and Consolidation. This one-day conference will begin with talks on European Medical Cannabis and conclude with discussions about MSO Growth and Consolidation in North America in the afternoon. 

Through keynotes, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, the conference will offer participants with direct access to renowned cannabis experts through an online/in-person (hybrid) conference platform. One day of deal-making, business, and education will be the focus. This will be a hybrid event, with participants having the choice of attending in person at one of the venue sites in New York or Berlin or remotely from their own workplace.

“These conferences bring together the world’s biggest cannabis players and creative brains in one place,” says Bill Hennessey, CEO of The Cannabis Society. 

The European Medical Cannabis Conference (EMCC) kicks off the day, bringing together a hand-picked group of top-level C-suite executives, medical professionals, producers, distributors, and specialists from throughout the cannabis sector to share their knowledge, wisdom, and experiences. Following the EMCC, the MSO Growth and Consolidation Conference provides attendees with direct access to top cannabis MSOs through an online conference platform. 

These gatherings bring together top executives from all sectors of the European Cannabis business, as well as MSO executives. This conference encourages the finest in the business to work together to remove the stigma around cannabis, while the sector consolidates and grows on a regular basis. 

The Cannabis Society is advancing the business and eliminating the stigma that has surrounded it throughout Europe. They are educating the industry in North America on developing MSO consolidation and linking regional players/Single State Operators with MSOs and investors. 

The Cannabis Society is an organization dedicated to the legalization of marijuana. In the run-up to legalization, the Cannabis Society was founded in Canada. The aim was to move ahead and eliminate the stigma associated with the cannabis business, as well as to make transactions between cannabis founders/C-Suite, investors, and service providers easier. The Cannabis Society organizes, promotes, and executes more than 50 cannabis conferences each year in Europe, the United States, and Canada. 

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