The Apothecarry case is an incredibly well-designed, compact case for storing your medical cannabis products. It is made of high-quality, durable materials; and it is padded to protect its contents and ensure a long life. (As well as an aesthetically pleasing one, if we do say so ourselves.) The Apothecarry case is available in several different sizes, but it’s the Apothecarry Mini that we’re looking at today.

The Apothecarry case is a new product in the cannabis industry specifically designed to hold your stash. It is a bulletproof case with a spring loaded latch that is not only perfect for protecting your stash, but also doubles as a safe for your firearms.

The Apothecarry Case is a thin, compact case for people looking to store their personal medication on the go without worrying about it being damaged or stolen. The Apothecarry Case is a hard case, with a smooth, matte texture that will not scratch your medicine or attract any residue. It fits comfortably in your hand and in your pocket, and is easy to stash in a purse or backpack.

The Apothecarry case is incredibly chic. It’s exactly what I always wanted, even before I knew such a thing existed, and it saves me having to develop it myself. But it’s not just a pretty face! Apothecarry Case is very functional, like your very own Janet from Good Place, but it contains your weed, not the irrational hope that one day someone will look up all the awful things I say online and beat me full of babies. Sigh. What were we talking about? word-image-10252 word-image-10253 Alder wood is characteristic, feels pleasant to the touch and is unique in colour and texture. That’s your business, honey. Under the lid, you’ll find a keyhole and code lock to protect your stash from nosy neighbors, curious children, and piranhas that happen to stop by. Okay, let’s open the hood. word-image-10254 word-image-10255 The inside of the lid of the Apothecarry is lined with soft gold leather, presumably so you can imagine opening Marcellus’ suitcase every day. On you. Inside, the compartments are separate. On one side are four quart jars, stacked tightly together in styrofoam, with a dry-erase label on each jar so Charlie can keep track of all his green angels, plus little bags of Boveda for each jar to regulate humidity. At the bottom, four silicone concentrate holders slide into their snug housing, and straps along the bulkhead are ready to hold your vape cartridges upright. On the other side, a small rolltop conceals a four-piece (three-chamber) zinc alloy grinder and straps for attaching a tube or portable vape. There’s also a removable compartment that holds a fresh dub tool and a large metal cylinder that can hold enough pre-rolls for a three-day trek in the Appalachian Mountains or a three-hour Snoop show, whichever you prefer. word-image-10256 word-image-10257 It was fun to find the perfect storage space in my Apothecarry. Right now my PAX 3 is attached, but the tube and spoon won’t fit in the space provided without the tray being uneven – you can always close it, but it’s so beautiful I want everything to fit perfectly. So it goes in the removable cabinet, along with my RAW co-spinner, a stack of paper, tips, pipe cleaners and a spare lighter. My cleaning tool is in the slot that separates the pots from the silicone pots on the other side, along with my spare carb cap and the PAX 3 concentrate jet. The large metal cylinder has been replaced by a pair of smaller, more practical doob tubes. The straps on the vape cart look tight, but they work great – just pull the can out next to it to get the cart in, then the can snaps back in with no problem. word-image-10258 The Apothecarry case is my new favorite and worth every penny of its $259 price tag (there’s also an Apothecarry travel bag for on-the-go connoisseurs, which holds two bars and costs $159). As soon as I saw him in Vegas, I knew I wanted him, and if I want him, you want him too. That’s how it works, baby! Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when you take the grass out of the Apothecary. They’ll be like this: Damn, man, that’s the worst way to smoke. Who do you think you are? And if you believe that, I can accept that you say you do, and that we have a complex arrangement where I am the public face and you are the power in the shadows. Oooh, cool, like Iron Man 2!If you have ever been in a situation where you needed your CBD on the go, you know how inconvenient it is if you do not have a carrying case. This is where The Apothecarry comes in. This high-tech design makes it easy to transport your CBD products wherever you go. Made of durable and easy to clean nylon, the Apothecarry is an excellent way to carry your supplies on the go.. Read more about apothecarry grinder and let us know what you think.

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