So I was in DC last week. On a trip that wasn’t planned, but it was still a trip. I have been to DC many times, but I have never been to the Green House. I was making a side trip into DC to see the new “legal” dispensary there. I found out that this place is a good source for medicinal cannabis, but also has a lot of T.I.T.S. branded items. But I was there for the cannabis.

I found this Cannabis plant growing in a pile of old cardboard while I was cutting down some trees behind my house. As I was taking a closer look, I realized that I had just seen the hybrid version of one of the White Widow strains, an Afghani strain which is quite popular in the area.

The new I71 DC Green Kings delivery mark immediately caught Gentleman’s attention:  There is no middle ground. Do not shake. Just the top shelf. All right, baby, let’s try it! Of course, this premium brand is presented in professional, discreet packaging to match the premium gifts inside, because the true Green King you have always been, the sexy beast, and you deserve the best. Well, let’s face it – probably not. You could put on human clothes for your dog, or ride a bike in rush hour, or your friends and you rode over the old man tripping in the street after prom, but because you were all drunk and Dirk got a football scholarship, you kept riding? It’s okay, your secret’s safe with me. I know what you did last summer, but I’m not going to do anything because I don’t care. Here’s a rundown of these I.T.T. that I was able to get my hands on! Wait, I did it wrong, can I do it again? You don’t? Is it live? That’s great. Delivery and Collection (DC) Hours of operation: Mon-Sat 10am-10pm Sunday 10am-20pm Purchase: digital photo downloads



So I thought of the acronym, and it should be This Is The Shit, or This Is That Shit, or This Is That Stuff, if you want PG13. But DC’s green kings didn’t get the usual T.I.T.S., no, it’s T.I.T.S. X! As any kid knows, who has read the Marvel comics of the 90s: If you put the letter X on something, it automatically becomes much cooler. Talk about INFINITY WAR! !! Oh, I can’t wait. I was a little behind on my Marvel movies, and I knew I’d enjoy the climax more if I caught up, so I was busy. Spider-Man: The meeting was very nice. Marisa Tomei as the old Aunt May is a bit odd, but that’s easy to accept because Marisa Tomei is so sexy. Like Michael Keaton as a blue-collar, arms-dealing, Vulture! Objective: Ragnarok was also good, and I especially enjoyed the Led Zeppelin song, Immigrant’s Song, played as Odinson makes his way through waves of servants. It’s hard to pick my favorite scene in Black Panther, but I’m going to go with the rhino fights. King T’Challa’s sister is beautiful, as is Killmonger and a guy in a bright green suit with a lip. It’s definitely worth sitting in a dark room for two hours with eight strangers, plus a couple sitting in the back, so you know what that means. Speaking of which. How did I find T.I.T.S.? word-image-18895 T.I.T.S. X


DC Green King’s T.I.T.S. X are (really and) great. My specimen arrived as a large, fresh bud, perfected, as evidenced by the fact that you can easily pinch it with your finger and see it regain its shape, and that the stems make a satisfying cracking sound when they break. The manicure is also impeccable. The sugar leaves have been removed so we can admire the beautiful trichomes and the arms full of bright red hairs. The aroma profile is sublime and intoxicatingly complex. I first notice a sweet floral aroma reminiscent of jasmine, but there are also strong pepper notes vying for space and a hint of diesel. And it’s a little sticky too! Without doubt, this is one of the best examples of color your Lordship has seen under the auspices of Initiative 71. word-image-18896


The smoke is incredibly smooth and has a toasty flavor. The force prompts me to release the jay for three quarters of a year, fully treated with the drug. During the first ten minutes, my senses are heightened and I feel my heart beating rapidly in my chest. Then it shifts, and a sudden exhaustion, like a mental helium leak, interrupts my ability to think clearly. A short nap to clear the fog helps, and if I manage not to fall asleep, after twenty minutes or so, everything balances out, my worries diminish, I’m back in a good mood and able to accomplish mundane tasks. I guess what I’m trying to say is that T.I.T.S. can be a little overwhelming. YES! That’s it. Ha. Haha. That’s great.


Visit the DC Green Kings website, it’s very easy to find the selection of gifts of the day and it’s easy to get in touch with them. Subscribe to my newsletter, or else free people will come at night with beautiful songs to take your children to the woods and never see them again! It’s part of the deal I made with Queen Titania! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! word-image-18897 Mendo Diesel from DC Green Kings

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