Supreme Delights Brookie is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that is thought to have originated in the Netherlands. The strain is known to be a strong producer of euphoria and euphoric cerebral effects, and is known for being potent and strong. The strain is also known for being very quick to grow and to flower.

Supreme Delights is a special place where people can come and experience the many flavors of Cannabis. We want to help you find your favorite of the many different strains we carry here.

Supreme Delights is one of the first brands to serve cannabis-infused treats prepared by chefs as part of Initiative 71. Their continued presence in Washington is a testament to the quality of their medicine and their reputation in the community. Gentleman don’t have to tell me they’re delicious, but Supreme Delights was kind enough to offer me one of their Brooks (that’s a brownie/cookie, in case you’re not familiar with modern baking jargon) at a recent event, so I’m going to do it anyway. I usually take doses of about 200mg or more for evaluation, and when they work, they just knock me out, which is not the most pleasant thing. When Supreme Delights assured me that their new distillate-based formula would make me feel 120mg, I decided the perfect test would be the Monday night jungle show at the 9:30 Club! The size of the bucks was intimidating. I wasn’t even sure I could eat them whole before I tried them. It was no problem. First, I didn’t eat, and second, it was delicious. I was worried that the chocolate would be too heavy because of the dark under layer, but it wasn’t too rich, and the top cookie balanced out the flavor even more. It had a good consistency with few crumbs (you want all the THC, right?) More importantly, the potency was on point. word-image-9344 It took about fifteen minutes to eat it all. I finished around 7:45 and went to the club from 9:30 to 8:15. A quick look around told me that I was probably the only person who had come to the rock show alone. No problem. That’s what the bar is for, amigos. A lonely man in a bar is much better than a lonely man standing aimlessly on the street, so I sat down and waited for the show to start. The show started around 8:30pm, it was a two piece electronic band called Makeness. You were a blast! Halfway through their performance, I felt very tolerant and wobbled my head to their multi-layered rave beats. word-image-9345 When Jungle arrived at 9:30, I was in a fantastic mood (so two full hours). I didn’t feel like talking to anyone, but that didn’t stop me from smiling stupidly as edible Supreme Delights, juicy neo-funk jungle jams and my show beer* made their way into my brain. After three songs of The Heat, the band got the crowd working hard, followed by a few new songs for one of my favorites from their debut Julia, but nothing got the crowd working like Busy Earnin’. Sure, it’s probably their most popular song, but I felt like it really resonated with the masses of bouncing, screaming, and sad DC standing in front of the stage. I was high, remember? Nothing can hide from my activated third eye. So, why was that girl always pushing me? I mean, I’ve moved, like, four times. I should have said something like: Hello, this is my hand. What’s the worst that can happen? That it would turn into a velociraptor and drag me by the throat to serve me up as dinner in its nest AND that they had developed a taste for fear in still living flesh? I think that’s unlikely. You only had one Brookman, right? Uh-oh. word-image-9346 *You meant seven beers, GT. My charming and hospitable bartender for the evening. By the end of the show, I still felt very awake and rested. Gotta love a sativa for the show, right? Overall, I had a great time in the 9:30 club, even flying solo, and I stole a great booze-soaked turnip. I will definitely be back for more servings of this drink before the game. Sign up for my newsletter and secure a rewarding career in the sugar caves when my ant lords come!

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