There is nothing quite like the feeling of pure joy and euphoria that comes with consuming an edible marijuana infused product. Weed is one of the most widely consumed plant products in the world, and over the years, consumers have made marijuana edibles an integral part of the consumption method in every region of the planet. Brands of marijuana infused edibles have become a thriving industry, with a host of cannabis infused products available to consumers. These products vary in terms of the intensity of the high they produce, and they also vary in terms of their THC content.

Getting the first ride of the day… going down the line, getting some bowl hits, some rolled blunts, some shots of mead, a mojito, and finally going to take a toke off the Dank Herbs. The mojito is one of my favorite drinks, and a mojito with a Cranberry Orange Slush and a Cranberry Pineapple Slush makes a delicious combo. It’s fresh orange juice mixed with cranberry juice, and the lime mix gives it a nice tartness that really compliments the juices.

It’s no secret that we’ve tried quite a few CBD products since they hit the market. These days you can find CBD in just about anything your heart desires, and my heart naturally desires locally distilled alcohol.

Strangeways was kind enough to send us their entire line of spirits with CBD, and they did not disappoint.

First, let me tell you something about Strangeways, in their own words;

At Strangeways, we want to be recognized as the pioneers of CBD-infused alcoholic beverages, highlighting the many known benefits of cannabidiol-based cannabis products, which are often associated with health and wellness.

Our drinks are handmade, distilled and bottled in Manchester. Our CBD extract is of the highest quality and naturally COA (Certificate of Analysis) certified, and our fragrances are a cacophony of herbal aromas, subtle flavors and complex flavors. Our simple desire is to establish ourselves as a seller of good spirits. Produce different and excellent drinks for everyone.

CBD-Infused Hazy Vodka

All of us at Canex have decided that Hazy Vodka is our favorite in the bottle. The dark blue frosted glass is beautiful, and everyone would love to have it in our liquor cabinets.

I actually really liked that each drink had its own color and that Strangeways went beyond the clear glass bottles typical of most spirits. He is therefore particularly easy to recognize behind the counter.

For a vodka that contains 40% CBD, I was expecting a bitter aftertaste, which I’ve come to expect from many of the CBD products I’ve tried and reviewed so far, but that wasn’t the case. It was lovely and fresh and clean.

We liked this wine so much that we saved a bottle to make cocktails for our next Not That High podcast, The Canex.

CBD Blended Dark Rum

Sweet and slightly strong, with notes of caramel and vanilla, our Dark Spiced Rum evokes the atmosphere and flavors of the Caribbean.

Hazy Dark Spice rum is 100% my favorite. The caramel and vanilla tones gave this CBD rum a smooth and sweet taste, again with no harsh aftertaste. I would even say this is the best spiced rum I have ever tasted.

It would be a 10/10 if I liked it as much as a bottle of blue vodka.

CBD-infused Strawberry Gin

Unlike regular strawberry gin, it’s not overly sweet and doesn’t taste like a gin liqueur at all, which was a pleasant surprise. Flavored gins are all too often very nauseating, but this CBD gin is not at all.

Lovely fresh strawberry flavour, and although it’s a bit more wry than vodka and rum for my personal taste, it’s still a lovely fresh gin.

I really liked the satin black bottle of the gin line with the black glitter weed leaf emblem.

Hazy Dry Gin infused with CBD

A combination of spicy notes of cinnamon, coriander and ginger with the balance and depth of fresh orange, lemon and grapefruit zest. Powerful and slightly complex, with notes of lemon leaf, harmonious and delicious. It is infused with CBD from licensed and regulated suppliers in the UK and is designed to relieve stress. So have fun.

As with the Hazy Strawberry Gin, we liked the satin black bottle with the poppy blue text to differentiate the dry gin from the pink flavored text.

We also liked this gin and tried it with different tonics, just for research purposes of course. With its spicy, lemony notes, we thought it paired particularly well with the elderflower tonic. For all of us, it was a failure with the four offers from Strangeways.

Strangeways doesn’t claim this, but we’re sure CBD also reduces the effects of a hangover. I win!

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