It’s official! The Spanish Congress of Deputies has opened a committee to analyze the use of medical cannabis in the country. This initiative has been made after a report published in January by the Spanish Health Department, which concluded that medical cannabis has a positive effect on the health and quality of life of patients.

Yesterday, the Spanish Congress approved the creation of a medical cannabis commission, following the path of several other countries, including Israel, Australia, Canada, and others.

The Cannabis Association of Spain (ASMJ) has published a resolution for the Spanish Congress to create a committee with a specific responsibility for the regulation of cannabis as a medicinal plant, with the aim of facilitating social, scientific and medical research into its use. The resolution calls on the Congress to create a Parliamentary Group on the Regulation of Cannabis, “which will enable the coordination of studies, projects and initiatives of the ministries and autonomous communities.” It also calls for the creation of a dedicated Fund for the Legalization of Medical Cannabis, whose purpose is to “finance studies, projects and initiatives related to the legalization of medical cannabis.” The resolution also calls on the Spanish government to adopt the reforms to the Law of Medicinal Products and Cannabis.. Read more about prohibition partners and let us know what you think.

Spain is home to one of the best cannabis communities in the world. Anyone who has visited Spain as a tourist, as well as those lucky enough to live there, will tell you that Spain is home to some of the best cannabis strains in the world.

This is particularly true of hashish.

Cannabis clubs are widespread in Spain, with hundreds of clubs spread throughout the country. In Barcelona alone there are about 200 cannabis clubs.

Most clubs resemble Amsterdam’s famous cannabis bars, and they are very popular for obvious reasons.

Big gap in Spanish cannabis policy

Despite Spain’s thriving cannabis scene, the country lags behind when it comes to medical cannabis policy.

While many other countries have fully legalized medical cannabis and created a regulated sector, Spain has been slow to follow suit, much to the chagrin of medical cannabis patients.

Spain has a strange cannabis policy in that it allows the commercial cultivation of medical cannabis, but this cannabis is not intended for domestic patients.

Instead, all cultivation licenses except one are reserved for export, and the remaining license is for medicinal cannabis used exclusively for research purposes.

Unregulated cannabis is abundant and relatively easy to obtain in Spain, so access is not a problem for many medical cannabis patients, but it is not as optimal as in the fully legalized industry.

Establishment of the medical cannabis committee

This month, the Hispanic Congress approved a measure to create a subcommittee to study medical cannabis policy.

The main purpose of the newly empowered committee is to evaluate the experience of regulating medicinal cannabis.

One way to achieve this goal is to learn from the experiences of other countries that regulate their medical cannabis sector.

The panel will also examine the growing body of scientific research on medicinal cannabis.

If the committee does its work properly, it will undoubtedly conclude that the experience in other countries is favourable and that the scientific evidence for the use of cannabis as a medicine is overwhelming.

This will hopefully lead to the creation of a regulated national medical cannabis industry in Spain, which will result in safer products, better access and encourage the medical community to treat cannabis as a real medicine.

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