On Monday, more than 100 officials—including police chiefs, elected officials, fire chiefs and even one county sheriff—from around the state signed a letter sent to the Department of Consumer Affairs, requesting guidance from the state government. The groups said they are concerned about the state’s licensing and regulation of marijuana dispensaries, as well as the lack of legal protections for the drug.

Colorado’s implementation of the new recreational marijuana market has been riddled with issues, most notably the lack of clear guidelines for how the state’s marijuana industry will operate. But many communities, in particular those located in places with a history of anti-drug use, have opted out of having recreational marijuana dispensaries in their towns.

As the state of Colorado continues to implement new marijuana policies, the local government is having trouble enforcing its own decisions.. Read more about new york state drug testing laws 2021 and let us know what you think.



“Do you believe we should allow shops that sell pot?” the municipality of Fayetteville asked citizens in mid-June.

“There is still no control board or agency in place,” says the author “In a recent interview, village mayor Mark Olson said. “The state walked away without establishing any regulations. I don’t use marijuana, and neither do the other board members, so it’s a difficult choice to make and to know what’s right.”

He claims that his response is “no,” and that the village’s Board of Trustees agrees. Nonetheless, the municipality will defer to the public’s choice.

“We have village elections in early March, so we’ll have one public hearing, then another, and then we’ll vote on whether to opt in or out,” Olsen said.

While the village has some time before making a final decision, several towns in Central New York have already decided not to authorize the selling of marijuana.

The village of Cazenovia’s board overwhelmingly decided to opt out of marijuana retail sales in late June.

The village of Manlius has likewise opted out, but the town of Camillus, like the village of Fayetteville, is putting it to a public vote in a required referendum.

“The income won’t even come close to covering the expense of all the testing and problems we’ll have to deal with,” Olsen added.

According to Olson, most board members believe that allowing retail sales with little information or supervision from the state would be too expensive.

The governor has failed to designate an executive director for the Office of Cannabis Management or appointees to the Cannabis Control Board, despite the fact that the state legalized marijuana in March.

Towns may no longer prohibit residents from using or possessing marijuana, but they can prohibit its sale, which some municipalities believe is the appropriate next step.

“There are certain advantages… but it’s still early in the game, and I believe we need to do a lot more work,” Olsen added. Unlike other cities, Fayetteville has already passed legislation prohibiting the use of marijuana.

The state of California is still largely unclear on what will happen once recreational marijuana becomes legal this summer. As a result, the state’s existing medical marijuana dispensaries are not receiving the guidance they need to transition to recreational sales.. Read more about paper spiders syracuse and let us know what you think.

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