If you haven’t tried this strain yet, you’re in for a treat. Everything you expect from a good sativa goes down a notch, while it sweetens up with some nice hints of citrus and spice. This is a strain that you’ll look forward to without any lingering effects, and you’ll leave the day feeling mentally sharp, or at least alert.

Being at the top of your game in the cannabis industry requires you to be the best of the best, and being the best of the best requires you to have the best cannabis products at your fingertips. With that in mind, Slabbin Fresh has introduced their first cannabis product, the Clementine Shatter.

Read on to learn about the benefits of cannabis, and what happens if you use this incredible herb as a replacement for your favourite sugary soda. It’s a simple recipe, and I assure you, if you’ve never tried it before, you’re going to love this twist on the traditional orange-soda-with-lemonade combo.

Hell, yes! Despite the bitter cold and torrential rain, the people of Virginia deposed the experimental mini-Trump Gillespie by electing another Democratic governor over threats that MS-13 would rape their children and take down all their statues of dead racist traitors. The only confederation I’m sure of is that of the Durnes, but that doesn’t matter. Winning seven seats in the Northern Virginia House of Representatives, including a victory by the country’s first openly transgender state legislature over a movement to introduce a state bathroom bill, is no small feat. Of course, your Lordship is very pleased that Northam’s choice supports the movement to decriminalize cannabis in the Commonwealth (you follow my news site, right?) Imagine smoking weed in Virginia without fear of going to jail for it! While there isn’t much time for laurels, holidays and the like, I think a little celebration is in order. Luckily, I got a very personalized party package from Slabbin Fresh. I love this thing! On the recommendation of another reader, I checked out Slabbin Fresh, thank you very much. Feel free to send me your favorite brands via this lovely contact form and I’ll review them. Unless you’re trying to sell me Russian sex drugs, which, believe me, I don’t need. Oh, my God. I really thought a semi-famous weed blogger would help my Tinder game, and yes, now that I hear it out loud, I understand why you’re laughing. Oh, good. Let’s take a look at our consolation prizes. Happy Stick is just what you need to make that pizza-eating cartoon rat frown. These vape cartridges are for a specific species: mine is Trainwreck. I’ve experienced this variety before in dispensaries in D.C., and the cart produced similar results – a light, relaxed vibe that turned a quick stop near Catholic U into a sightseeing stroll. I had never been so close to the basilica before and wanted to spend some time admiring the impressive architecture. Happy Stick has a natural and mild CO2 flavor without any additives (including glycol) in the mix and a good strength (5-6 shots are enough). If you need something more potent, Slabbin Fresh has a line of house spirits that I also liked. How about flowers of fire, my Mario? Slabbin Fresh’s Fire OG has a pungent but pleasant nose that I spent two days trying to unravel, but now that I’ve smoked it all the way, the mystery remains. What I can say for sure is that this tranquilizer settles right into my temples and lets me decide if I want to sit quietly and watch TV or lay down. I can think clearly, but without an upbeat mood, the motivation to do anything is nil. It also doesn’t help that it’s winter again and that, as a full-time blogger, I hardly have to leave my apartment. I resisted the urge to become a crazy cat lady to fill the void left by society, but ….. My powers… …are down. They’re so cute… And of course, for the more sensitive, Slabbin Fresh has a DabMan Shatter that you’ll love. The clementine has a slightly sour citrus taste and a perfect sticky consistency, making it very easy to work with. This citrus really stands out for inspiration, which I’ve been doing all day because it’s review day, yay, that means I can go all out! Maybe a little ambitious. DabMan’s Clementine Shatter is very powerful. The first few small doses kept my mind up, fingers focused on the keys, but another afternoon I felt like taking a nap with Gibi ASMR. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. I just listened to her video while I slept. I don’t mean I made a real doll that looks like her, I mean ….. argh… That hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper, doesn’t it? How about a football game, huh? Points were scored, right? Ah, good. I think they bought it. Let’s get out of here before they notice. You need to buy your own DabMan, Fire OG and Happy Sticks because I crush mine like…. Um… The Things That Crumple…. Um… Origami animals? Man, brains, much craziness? Oh man, I almost forgot about the FlavRX gummies! This 10 pack of sour gum infused with 250mg of cannabis was perfect for my tolerance. You’ll find these Slabbin Fresh gifts at the best parties around (like Phone Homie’s Seshes). Follow them on Instagram to find out more about their upcoming performances! For more stories about city castles, sex with robots, and cute pictures of the many, many cats waiting for me, sign up for my newsletter!Slabbin Fresh Clementine Shatter is a great tasting, delightfully tasty and well balanced Lemon-Mint flavour vape juice. The citrus and mint flavours are delicate, and blend so well together that it’s hard to believe that they’re from the same juice. When vaping it, you can taste the subtle minty exhale, with a lemon kick on the exhale.. Read more about clem cake strain and let us know what you think.

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