As usual, the Secret Cup DC has been a great addition to the April lineup. The Tangie x Chem is a bit of a different beast as far as Tangie fruits go, but it had some amazing genetics and we’re not complaining. The Tangie is rather tame when compared to Tangie x Chem, but the two did share some common genetics and that was enough to warrant a review in our Secret Cup DC concentrate lineup.

This is the third entry in a series of training documents intended to help new growers looking to run their first grow cycle, given my experience with this particular strain. I am focusing on the production side of things, so I won’t be explaining the curing and trimming process. I will also be skipping the part about making the bulk of your investment, since you’ll have to decide that behind the scenes yourself.

Hey Lizzie, I finally got around to making Secret Cup #3, and I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. Tangie and Chem are both fast-acting sativas, so I used equal parts of each to give it a nice and potent blend. The taste is phenom, with juicy, sweet nugs with a strong, tart aftertaste. I can’t say that I was able to get the elusive Tangie-Chem flavor profile, but this is a solid addition to my Secret Cup series. 5) Get into a niche or group of blogs and choose your targets from each blog 1) Pick a group of blogs you would like to follow. This could be a specific group on Facebook or a specific group of

word-image-13014-rotated I opened the jars at random and decided to try application #3. My first impression of this gloss is that I can see through it. Encouraged, I smelled it – yuck. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not flashy either. I wasn’t deterred, poured it into a new ceramic bowl and pressed play. Okay, that tastes worse than it smells. Is this the famous kind of dog shit I’ve heard about? It’s like he came here in bike shorts. It’s really disgusting. There is a real brightness to the flavor that tells me it is the strain itself and not a problem during production. But he makes up for it with medical effects. This batch is a sativa hybrid. If you’re looking for an uplifting daytime concentrate that will clear your mind and help you combat stress and anxiety, this article does a fantastic job. I assume it contains a healthy amount of THCV, as I felt no drop in my blood sugar and I had no appetite a few hours after taking the first dose. Or maybe the milkshake I used to drink caused that. I would definitely add this strain to my rotation based on the effect alone, but this flavor is too strong to pass up. You should be able to find something that does the same thing, but isn’t as ugly. My Secret Cup – 6/10. Bookmark.The idea behind Secret Cup DC was to create a concentrate that was well-balanced with a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. The concentrate is made from Cannatonic by Tangie and Super Lemon Haze by Chem. It is recommended that you start with a small amount (10-20mg) and work your way up to the recommended dose.. Read more about secret cup hockey and let us know what you think.

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