Pitbull, the rapper and pop singer from Miami, recently announced his new line of CBD products. The musician is one of many celebrities to make their foray into cannabis in order to promote health benefits. But what are the implications for blockchain as an industry?

The “best cbd for dog anxiety” is a new product line launched by rapper Pitbull. The line consists of CBD products designed to help with anxiety in dogs.

Rapper Pitbull Launches CBD Product Line

Rapper Pitbull, the international superstar, has teamed up with Columbia Care to develop N2P, a new line of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD products for people looking to add CBD to their health and wellness regimens. N2P aims to shift people’s perceptions about CBD products and put a positive light on their potential, since the acronym stands for “negative to positive.”

Armando Christian Perez remarked, “I’m thrilled to join with Columbia Care to unveil our new CBD line N2P (Negative to Positive)” (Pitbull). “N2P is a high-quality, all-natural CBD product aimed towards medicinal purposes. It’s intended to assist consumers in being focused, optimistic, and at their best. Our mission is to alter people’s minds regarding CBD’s health and wellness advantages. Dale, we’re excited to share N2P with fans all across the globe!”

The N2P product range is designed to be high-quality. These products are made from natural, U.S.-grown hemp and are carefully developed to assist support daily wellbeing, such as encouraging workout recovery, soothing relief from day-to-day pressures, and supporting natural sleep cycles. Lip balms, salves, tinctures, and sour gummies will be among the first products available. Later in 2021, chocolate items will be available.

The N2P series contains the following items at launch:

  • Pina Colada Lip Balms in a 3-pack (150mg CBD, 50mg per balm)
  • Relief Salve, 2 ounce (250mg CBD)
  • Tincture of Star Fruit, 1 ounce (1,000mg CBD, 33.3mg CBD per serving)
  • Gummies, 30ct (750mg CBD, 25mg per gummy)

N2P products will be sold online at www.n2pwellness.com and at select Columbia Care dispensaries in a few states.


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