This purple-colored cannabis wax is an indica-dominant hybrid, and it’s a favorite of both recreational and medical users. It has a THC content of about 18%, so it’s on the stronger side, but it’s not so potent that you won’t be able to function after smoking a dab. It’s also not so strong that it’ll leave you feeling couch-locked and out of it. On the contrary, Purple Kush gives you euphoric energy, without the paranoia.

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Purple Kush is a pure Indica strain, also known as indica-dominant hybrid. The strain is well known for its deep, indica body high and relaxing effects. Purple Kush is described as having a massive THC level, occasionally topping 25%. The THC level of Purple Kush is so high, it usually causes a tingling sensation on the skin, known as a “couch-lock” effect.

Okay, I guess after 12 hours of playing South Park: The Fractured But Whole (ha!) that Gentleman really needs to take a break and write a White Buffalo DC review. This game is a masterpiece: cute, sad, expertly detailed and hilarious. It’s like being part of a brand new season of the series, a Marvel Civil War mockumentary that, in typical Matt and Trey fashion, continues to explore deeper themes like sexual identity, racism in policing, and the near and dear cause of cannabis legalization. Fighting a sober Toley in his Medicinal Fried Chicken dispensary shows a very strong knowledge of the legal weed experience, from the indica/sativa debate with the Badtender before him to Toley’s call for the topical when they set his ass on fire. And if you beat him, he’ll give you another pair of Shutterbugs from Grandaddy Purp! This is the most fun video game I’ve played in years, and thanks to Initiative 71, I have to pause the game to open the door and deliver a gift from White Buffalo. White Buffalo also performs at many cannabis-related events in the province. The best thing about their menu is that there are gifts from other great brands, like Elevators caviar joints. Many people call them moonsticks, short for moonstone sticks, but I like the link to caviar because it feels classic. The potato, potatoe, is a joint that consists of a flour soaked in oil, which is soaked in kief (sometimes hashish is added). Smoking a cigarette is my favorite thing to do when I want to feel fashionable. I rode one of these lifts a month ago for fun and it tasted very nice and clean. Some unscrupulous companies use caviar links and moon rocks to cover themselves with inferior material so you don’t notice them so quickly, but Elevators clearly uses fresh ingredients in their brain salad. But this critique is actually about the White Buffalo housewax and flour. Your lordship has received samples of Platinum OG flower and Purple Kush wax to tell you all about it. Purple Kush impressed me. It has a delicately sweet and floral scent that one would not expect from a dark concentrate. It’s sticky, you might have to put it in the freezer to scrape off the part that sticks to the plastic container, but I got most of it off. The flavor is a little spicy, but not too bad for a running topping. What really impressed me was the effect of the Purple Kush. word-image-10512 In fact, smoking and inhaling flowers during the day, which I do to deal with anxiety and depression, has the side effect of increasing my overall pain threshold. I don’t notice the little wounds and scrapes anymore. However, my tolerance is such that when I have severe muscle pain/cramps, taking an herb with a high THC content offers me little relief. White Buffalo’s Purple Kush wax was an exception, and gave a mellow high that also clearly relaxed the ball of neural hate that was undulating in my hip. It was a very pleasant discovery! word-image-10513 The Platinum OG flower from White Buffalo was good. The first time I smoked a few cups, I was ready for bed after twenty minutes, and again the next day. Since then, I have developed a slight tolerance to this cannabinoid profile and can stay awake, although I still prefer to take it right before sleep because it is both mentally and physically calming. The fresh chunks have a nice trichome finish, but the nose is a pungent mix of dirt and sweaty feet that hasn’t left my mill for days. word-image-10514 You can find White Buffalo on Instagram to set up giveaways or find out what events they will be performing at. Oh, I almost forgot! Subscribe to my newsletter here. I’ll send one as soon as I get the hang of the game.Purple Kush is a strain of cannabis that is known to be predominantly Indica. Purple Kush weed has been known to be an excellent strain in treating moderate to severe pain whereas providing an uplifting sensation which can be helpful to many patients suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety. Purple Kush weed is also an excellent strain to induce hunger, which can be helpful to many patients suffering from anorexia, cancer, AIDS, and other illnesses that leave them without appetite.. Read more about white buffalo strain allbud and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is White Buffalo Indica or Sativa?

Some strains can be hard to classify, as their genetics are unknown, or they have been crossed with several varieties. Others may have a clear lineage, but may have been given nicknames that are used more often than their true name. (That’s why we love strain databases like Leafly and Weedmaps—they can help us know what we’re talking about.) White Buffalo cannabis is a bit of a mystery, as it is a strain that is described as both indica and sativa, but the genetics are unknown. The White Buffalo Indica strain looks like a cross between the White Widow and Blueberry strains, while the White Buffalo Sativa looks like a cross between Trainwreck and Blue Haze. White Buffalo cannabis strains are a cross of two popular cannabis hybrids, namely the White Widow and the White Rhino. These cannabis genetics were introduced in 2006. Today, the growing popularity of this strain is difficult to miss. The White Buffalo marijuana strain has been enriched with high-quality THC and CBD cannabinoid contents.

Does Purple Kush get you high?

It’s a question that gets asked countless times every single day: does Purple Kush get you high? The answer is yes, it certainly does. Purple Kush is a hybrid strain, originally created in California. At one time, Purple Kush was actually the most popular strain in the United States. This is no longer true, but that’s no reason to ignore this powerful and productive strain. To date, there are two different types of Purple Kush that are currently available on the market: one with a THC content level that is higher than 17%, and one that is between 4 and 16% THC. Because of the variation in THC content between strains, it is always important to know what you are getting before making a decision. Purple Kush is an indica strain of Cannabis that produces a narcotic, sedative high. This Purple Kush Wax Review breaks down the potency of Purple Kush and details the effects of this potent strain. Purple Kush is highly sought after by medical marijuana patients, and has a rich history that dates back to the early 80’s

What is white buffalo good for?

White Buffalo is a cannabis company that was founded in 2011. It produces high quality cannabis, wax, and edibles. Although it is not yet widely known, it has won a number of awards for its marijuana, including multiple Cannabis Cups. The White Buffalo cater to the medicinal community. They produce cannabis strains that have high CBD and/or high THC content. CBD is known for helping with things like epilepsy and arthritis. THC is known for helping with things like muscle spasms, and pain. Although both are great for medicinal purposes, they also both get you high. White buffalo is a strain of cannabis that is known for its uniquely balanced effects. As the name suggests, it is a strain of white cannabis that is a cross between a white strain and a traditional cannabis strain. It is almost always used in the form of a concentrate, since it is rare to find this strain of cannabis in the wild.

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