Puffin Farms, a local cannabis company based in Seattle, WA, has been producing high-quality flowers and top-shelf concentrates for nearly two decades. They have built up a strong reputation for their safe, consistent, and quality products, and they produce in a clean, controlled environment that is monitored and certified by the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

The first legal cannabis flower farm in Washington State, Puffin Farms, is located in the heart of Seattle. Puffin Farms is a family-owned business started with two primary goals: first, to give back to the community, and second, to grow and sell the highest quality cannabis flowers. The farm is located on a converted apple orchard in the small town of Fall City, Washington, near Seattle.

Marijuana plants are a lot like flowers. Both are beautiful, both are delicate, both need care and attention. However, if you want beautiful plants that grow like weeds and don’t need a ton of care, you should start with the king of all flowers: cannabis. After all, it’s one of the most well-known flowers in the world.

While cannabis can’t yet be certified organic (because it’s federally prohibited), Puffin Farms’ high-quality flower probably comes close. People used to say that weed sells itself, or even that it was the same thing. That was back when there was only one obnoxious guy named Skeeter who was always fifteen minutes away, but it’s 2017, baby, and with all the choices available to recreational consumers in Washington State, you need a gentleman to help you separate the good from the bad. A man does not just walk into Oz. I mean, you can, it’s okay, they don’t mind, but you might be a little overwhelmed by all those different logs covering the walls. I’m here to help you. Hi, I’m i502 drew. You may remember me from articles like Spokane Top-Shelf Showdown and Let’s Buy Some Prerolls! You’ve probably never visited a cannabis dispensary like Oz in Fremont. No, not like L. Frank Baum’s timeless children’s tale of socially acceptable murder and the joys of running around in opium fields with strange men twice your age, but that’s a common mistake. When the owners of Ounce’s Mom n’ Pop chose the name, they didn’t think our system of weights and scales would deter impressionable teens. Smart as ever, the state licensing board found a simple solution to its own objection: Use an abbreviated version of Oz, then the kids will think it’s a toy store for wizards or something. Brilliant! Inside, grass lovers can roam the floor at their own pace. Three tall display cases are filled with high-end sprays and other gadgets that you can use to make the lions, tigers, bears or whatever animal costume you’ve been hiding in the back closet for those quirky parties you attend in the Warehouse District on Thursdays. I’m not here to judge, my friends. word-image-4216 Behold, fellow smokers, the great wall of Oz…. in Seattle. Marijuana menu. Let’s try Chernobyl! word-image-4217 Puffin Farms (at puffinfarm.com) has kindly stated on the label that the parental origin of this strain is a combination of Trinity, Jack the Ripper and Trainwreck, but the Seedfinder profile is still worth checking out. The first smell has a distinctive pine scent that reminds me of Jack Herer – that would be Trainwreck. The spicy notes of California Trinity complement the initial explosion of sweet and sour flavors, and the mix develops into an impressive, heavy fusion. As you inhale, the flavors merge into a soft, mild taste. When I exhale, the aromatic complexity of Chernobyl flows over my tongue without me having to cough. Excellent! word-image-4218 Stone not included. I don’t feel anything for almost a minute. Slowly, a warm feeling crept into my body. Ahhhh, that’s good, the sun just came out. For the next five minutes, I calm down and focus on my thoughts as a wave of euphoria engulfs me. The feeling is good enough to distract me from work, and even after a few hours the buzz continues without fatigue. The complex flavor profile is something you don’t get with indoor cannabis. Chernobyl from Puffin Farms is an exemplary and highly recommended blossom, as is Oz Seattle’s recreational apothecary. word-image-4219 Try gram, or 28! Ounces are sold by the ounce, so don’t forget your ID card.Puffin Farms is a licensed producer and distributor of medical cannabis extracts in Washington State. Puffin Farms has been serving medical cannabis patients since 2014. The company is located in the state’s capital city, Olympia, and operates a comfortable boutique facility that produces a wide range of medical cannabis extracts. Puffin Farms products are widely available through many local medical cannabis retailers and their website, http://www.puffinfarms.com. Read more about puffin farms instagram and let us know what you think.

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