The President of the United States has officially joined the political debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana. Answering a question on the show the Commander in Chief , President Obama stated that he doesn’t think marijuana is more harmful than alcohol.

We’ve known for years that cannabis has a lot of health benefits and has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. Now, its time to end this nonsense and start to see cannabis as a medicine that is safer than many of the drugs we use today.

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“What’s in the black box of your life?” Ibai Llanos, a renowned Spanish streamer, interviewed Lionel Messi following his arrival in Paris, in sync with the new winds of communication 2.0, generational shift, and new ways of connecting to information. On the same day, one of the most well-known Internet journalists was able to do the same with Argentina’s president.

Julio Leiva is a radio presenter, Filo News’ editorial director, and the creator of Caja Negra (Black Box), a cross-generational interview series that has already established itself as one of the most intriguing YouTube products of the 2020/2021 crop. Something that never fails to amaze him, as he told El Planteo.

Top streamers, sports, singers, artists, and politicians are among his diverse visitors. And Julio Leiva’s special guest on Caja Negra this time is none other than Argentina’s President, Alberto Fernández.

Fernández recently drew the attention of the cannabis community, first with the approval of the Registry for the Self-Cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis (REPROCANN), then with his repeated comments in favor of adult-use marijuana legalization and his progressive viewpoint on the subject.

Leiva got the chance to question the President about his thoughts on cannabis for adult use during this discussion.

Here are some of the interview’s highlights:

  • “In my situation, it’s about being cautious of the unknown.”

  • “I have no qualms with igniting that discussion.”

  • “There are certain topics that we should not address at this time: marijuana usage is prevalent. It’s also true that it’s a health-harming medication. Our issue is with alcohol consumption rather than marijuana use.”

  • “We need to start a discussion on marijuana legalization. Alcohol does much more damage and has no effect on anybody.”

  • “I’m really interested in what’s going on in Uruguay.”

In Caja Negra, Alberto Fernandez is joined by Julio Leiva.

The transcript of the “cannabis moment” during the conversation between Leiva and Fernández is available here.

Julio Leiva (Julio): Marijuana is one of the subjects that has piqued my attention. Is the proposal to legalize recreational cannabis going to be presented during your term?

Alberto Fernández: Look, there’s a problem: it seems like everyone is inclined to come to me with a marijuana problem.

And there are certain topics about which we don’t need to talk right now. First, marijuana usage has become more widespread, with a large number of young individuals using it. That is correct.

It’s also true that marijuana is dangerous, that it’s just like any other substance, and that it causes health problems. We should ask ourselves whether the harm produced by marijuana is more or smaller than the harm caused by cigarettes or alcohol, and I am not in a position to answer this issue. Because it is alcohol use, not marijuana usage, that is the most serious issue we have with our kids. There are no limits on alcohol consumption. There are no limitations on an 18-year-old drinking a bottle of gin every night. And it’s an issue today, a major one.

“Well, let’s argue, but without hypocrisy,” I usually think when I’m asked to this argument. The first thing we must do is to eliminate hypocrisy. Marijuana is dangerous. Tobacco causes cancer, while alcohol destroys human beings.

If these two are legal, I’m curious as to why this one is not. That’s the very first question I ask myself. That is a question I constantly ask myself. If I ended my speech here, you would assume, “This man is going to legalize marijuana.”

I believe that we must take little moves at a time. Marijuana has previously been authorized for therapeutic and medical reasons. Hemp is being promoted for use in textiles and textile manufacturing. We also need to consider and discuss the legalization of marijuana at some time.

Consumers are now the ones who pay for marijuana use. They aren’t the ones who are the most to blame for the issue. The issue, in any scenario, will be the traffickers. They touch the knobs of power to escape being convicted since they are members of organized crime. That occurs both locally and globally.

As a result, I’m quite interested in and concerned about what’s going on in Uruguay. It is imperative that we pay attention to it. It’s an important discussion to have, and we need to have it.

Julio Leiva (Julio): Is it possible for us to see it during your presidency?

Alberto Fernández: My name is Alberto Fernández, and I’m I have no qualms about starting these discussions. To tell you the truth, on these things, I am a pretty liberal man. And, in the end, I think that everyone has the freedom to make their own decisions, even harming themselves. However, the government must inform people of the danger. Then, if that damage puts others at danger, go ahead.

We all know people who smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and smoke marijuana, and we almost certainly know individuals who use other, more difficult substances. These belong in a different category: they have distinct features and are obviously hazardous.

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