Imagine, if you will, a day when getting stoned isn’t a crime but rather a part of our daily life… could it be possible that one day soon, people will be able to get stoned on the job, as they would with caffeine or nicotine? For now, though, the nation’s largest legal cannabis markets are limited to places like California, Colorado and Washington, where recreational weed is sold in shops and dispensaries.

Once the first Nevada cannabis lounges open their doors, they will likely have something in common with a Starbucks—both will serve food and drinks, and both will likely make money off of products and services offered, much like a traditional bar or restaurant. But while a Starbucks may have a full menu of options, the cannabis lounges are not likely to have a similar choice.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the marijuana industry is all the business opportunities that exist. The cannabis industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise. However, with so many business ventures, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin. As such, we’ve decided to provide an overview of the types of business opportunities that exist within the cannabis industry.. Read more about planet 13 las vegas and let us know what you think.



Planet 13 vice president of sales and marketing David Farris stands in a 20,000-square-foot storage warehouse at the marijuana dispensary superstore on West Desert Inn Road on July 20, 2021. The dispensary hopes to convert the warehouse into a cannabis consumption lounge.

David Farris talked of a new era for Nevada’s cannabis business as he strolled through a warehouse that may someday become home to one of the state’s top marijuana consumption lounges.

Planet 13, the city’s biggest marijuana dispensary, sees its proposed lounge as an opportunity to offer a “next level” experience, according to Farris, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing.

Planet 13, a popular tourist destination, is one of many Las Vegas marijuana shops working on plans for consumption lounges, which were authorized by the state legislature earlier this year.

A 20,000-square-foot storage warehouse at Planet 13’s superstore on West Desert Inn Road will likely be transformed into a nightclub, according to Farris.

“We want to create something that people can travel to, something along the lines of a club,” Farris said. “We understand the urge to create something unique.”

Previously, recreational cannabis products could only be consumed in private homes under state legislation. The Paiute Tribe’s club on tribal property just north of downtown Las Vegas was the lone exception.

However, tourists and others continue to publicly use marijuana in the Las Vegas tourism route.

Marijuana has a strong odor along the Strip and in parking garages. People are seldom arrested for marijuana use on the Strip, according to a Metro Police spokesperson, but the lounges may help, at least partly, ease the problem.

According to the state’s Cannabis Compliance Board, the first lounges in Nevada are anticipated to open in the first six months of 2022, but no specific date has been established.

“There will be chances to have some first-in-the-nation lounges that other jurisdictions don’t have,” Tyler Klimas, executive director of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, said.

Klimas said, “In a lot of people’s perceptions, a lounge is simply four walls with some couches.” “I believe we will see some experiential concepts. We’ll all find out what it looks like once those concepts and applications are presented to the board.”

Layke According to Martin Conine, executive director of the Nevada Dispensary Association, cannabis comedy clubs or dining concepts offering marijuana-infused cuisine have promise.

All cannabis retail shop license holders received letters from the compliance board on July 9 informing them of their ability to apply for a consumption lounge license. The application procedure, on the other hand, has not yet been completed.

“It’s going to be a lot more than simply filling out an application and sending it in,” Klimas said. “We’ll meet down with individuals to have a better understanding of their business strategy, and the board will have to approve you for a license.”

The board requested that companies send a letter of interest, but this is not necessary for consideration of a license. A dozen or more replies have been received by the board.

The lounges, according to Simon Nankervis, CEO of the Source, which operates three dispensaries in the Las Vegas Valley, would provide consumers with a safe and legal location to use marijuana.

“There has always been a tension between recreational legalization and consumption. If you’re on vacation in Las Vegas, it’s almost difficult to consume legally right now because you don’t have access to a private residence,” he said. “A safe sanctuary will now exist.”

Nankervis said the firm intends to seek for a license for a lounge adjacent to a new dispensary that will open later this year or early next year in the valley.

The legalization of consumption lounges by the Legislature, according to Joe Bayern, CEO of Curaleaf, “speaks to the increasing normalcy and acceptability of the sector at large.”

“Curaleaf goes to great efforts to provide our consumers with the highest-quality products, brands, and experiences, and this chance will be critical in helping people discover the dynamic culture of cannabis and build confidence around consumption,” he added.

The Cannabis Compliance Board is working on rules that will govern how lounges operate. A number of subcommittees will meet in the coming weeks to iron out the specifics.

The compliance board will determine, among other things, what marijuana products and in what amounts may be consumed in the lounges. There will be no alcohol permitted.

Within 1,000 feet of a school, 300 feet of any “community facility,” and 1,500 feet of a company with a nonrestricted gaming license, lounges will be prohibited.

According to Klimas, there will most likely be rules in place to guarantee that lounge staff are trained on how to identify those who have drunk too much alcohol.

One of the subcommittees, according to Klimas, would concentrate on public safety and include a Metro Police representative.

“It’s critical that we have the appropriate voices in the room, such as law enforcement, as we develop these regulations,” Klimas added.

Another provision of the new legislation states that a minimum percentage of lounge licensees must be from different ethnic groups.

Scot Rutledge, a partner at Argentum Partners, a firm hired by the Nevada Chamber of Cannabis trade group during the legislative push for the lounges, said, “We will see new licenses granted to those who have been left out of the industry, specifically those who have been harmed by the failed war on drugs.”

“We hope to see a lot more diversity in ownership and a more fair industry as a result. These new licenses are a positive step forward, according to Rutledge.

In a few other states, such as California, Colorado, and Michigan, marijuana consumption lounges are allowed, but the coronavirus epidemic has restricted the number of businesses that have opened.

According to the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, there are just two license holders for what are known as “retail hospitality” cannabis companies – locations where marijuana goods may be consumed.

One, the Speakeasy Vape Lounge & Cannabis Club in Colorado Springs, is closed due to concerns related to the pandemic. When it’s open, the club offers memberships for those who want to buy and consume marijuana products on site or bring their own.

Only cannabis products bought from a lounge in Nevada will be permitted to be consumed there.

The first cannabis cafe in Las Vegas is opening soon, and it will feature an alcohol-free dining area, and even a place for some of those high on marijuana to rest after an afternoon of smoking.. Read more about mccarran news and let us know what you think.

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