Out of all the medications prescribed to patients who visit clinics, the one that gets the most attention is the one that has the highest chance of affecting the patient’s health. That’s because the most common ailments that these patients suffer from are related to the body’s immune system. After all, the immune system is what protects the body from being attacked by germs, viruses, bacteria and other foreign organisms. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the immune system is the subject of all kinds of research and experiments, which are conducted to determine the best way to help the body in its fight against foreign organisms.

A Dutch pharmaceutical company has launched a new program designed to encourage people to get vaccinations for diseases that are becoming more common around the world. Using a pop-up clinic and cannabis, the pharmaceutical company has been giving free cannabis to people who take a vaccination. The company says that by giving them cannabis, it will help them to not to feel as sick when they take the vaccinations, and also to make the vaccinations more effective.

Since January, a pop-up clinic at the University of British Columbia has been offering free medical cannabis to students who get their MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) shot. The clinic is a joint venture between The Ubyssey and the student-run Cannabis Club, which aims to provide students with affordable, accessible medicine.



LONG BEACH (California) – Kymberly Jenkins had delayed this long to be vaccinated, but she eventually did it after carefully balancing her concerns of potential adverse effects.

“I didn’t want a blood clot,” the 25-year-old said. “I didn’t want to be taken to the hospital with a variety of side effects, such as extreme tiredness or bodily pains,” she says.

Jenkins said she comes into touch with unvaccinated customers on a daily basis as a home-based hair stylist. Even wearing a mask, she said, is beginning to feel less safe against the extremely infectious delta version.

“I often hear tales about individuals my age asking for vaccinations in the hospital before they die on a ventilator,” Jenkins added.

Younger individuals, particularly those from Black and Brown populations, are becoming more infected with COVID-19. That is why Marlene Montaez is trying to debunk misleading vaccination tales.

Montaez collaborates with Long Beach Forward, a community advocacy organization, to deliver vaccinations to low-income and minority areas.

“There are qualified Black and brown youngsters, but they are reluctant,” Montaez remarked. “Our work is primarily focused on addressing people’s fears and creating cultural awareness around the vaccination,” she says.

The organization reasoned that offering a few incentives, such as cash, gift cards, and — most intriguing of all — cannabis, would help earn the community’s confidence.

“We’re utilizing something that’s extremely controversial as a means to encourage people to be vaccinated,” she says “Montaez said. “”It provides [the community] a feeling of confidence in our canvassers who are attempting to have those discussions.

Long Beach Forward and local dispensary Flight on Cherry have collaborated on the Joints for Jabs initiative.

On Saturday, unvaccinated residents aged 21 and over were able to receive either the Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson shot in Houghton Park in Long Beach. Along with their vaccination card, they were handed a sticker and voucher to cash in for a pre-rolled marijuana joint at Flight on Cherry.

Jenkins said that she feels no remorse for her cannabis use, therefore using it as an incentive helped her make the decision to be vaccinated.

“It’s a terrific motivator. It’s effective. “It simply depends on the individual,” she said.

Jenkins hopes that her friends and neighbors will follow her lead and get vaccinated as well.

An Australian medical clinic has decided to offer all its patients a free choice of cannabis products in exchange for vaccination. The clinic, located in Adelaide, is run by a local doctor, Natalie Haller, who says that she is “convinced that cannabis oil is a safer and more effective way of treating a variety of medical conditions than pharmaceuticals.”. Read more about arizona drive through vaccination and let us know what you think.

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