The first thing I want to point out is this is a bit of a niche product, and this review is more targeted at those who are interested in muscle & joint care. Even though it is targeted towards that group, it is useful for others who may be interested in the product, especially if you are new to the world of CBD products.

Canex is a well-respected and popular CBD oil brand.   There are a lot of CBD brands on the market that claim to be pure, natural, and full spectrum. However, they are often misleading or contain mixed active ingredients.  And even a lot of popular brands might be full of junk oil with no CBD at all.

After a review of the Orange County Pain Relief Rub, I have to say that I was surprised by the ingredients in this CBD product. All ingredients are known for their effectiveness as natural painkillers. Making use of natural ingredients to relieve pain is definitely a good thing. But, there is an abundance of different products on the market these days that all rely on natural ingredients to improve the health of your body.

Do you get out of bed and go to the kitchen… with aching joints and muscles?

Yes? So are we!

We received the Orange County CBD Muscle & Joint Rub to test and after a tough week in the gym, it was the perfect time for the Canex team to put it to the test.

First, a little… who is Orange County CBD?

Countless people around the world rely on Orange County CBD. Based in Northern California, we consistently produce the highest quality CBD products on the market and maintain this standard throughout our product line. Produced in a certified, state-of-the-art, accredited facility in accordance with CTA requirements, the results speak for themselves.

From tinctures to body care products to chewing gum and e-liquids, we are proud to offer a wide range of high quality CBD products, with many more in research and development. Our products are manufactured with scientific care and pride. All of our cannabis is grown in the United States, on farms in Colorado, Kentucky and Northern California.

We’ve previously praised Orange County CBD gummy bears and recently tested several of their oils, which you can read about here and here.

CBD for muscle pain, especially when combined with natural ingredients that are also used to treat pain and inflammation, can really give you the relief you need. This particular rub is full of health benefits…..

– Eucalyptus

Relieves pain
Heals dry skin

– rosemary

Improves blood circulation

– Cinnamon bark

Reduces cramps
Increases blood flow

– Black pepper



Improves blood circulation

I have used muscle massagers before that left greasy stains on my clothes and caused rashes on my sensitive skin, but not this product. I’m also not a fan of massages to warm up the muscles.

It smells like eucalyptus with a hint of rosemary and left a cooling effect on my skin that immediately soothed my muscles. The relief I felt from this topical CBD application came so quickly, and it was absorbed so quickly, that this product was definitely a winner for me and will remain in my gym bag.

It’s a little more expensive on the market for muscle massage, but that’s really relative if it doesn’t ruin my clothes or cause a rash.

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