New York State is reportedly considering an amendment to the state’s medical marijuana law that would allow cities and towns to opt out of allowing marijuana dispensaries in their jurisdictions.

Since we first started discussing the idea of towns opting out of legal cannabis dispensaries, we’ve seen a lot of interest in it. Whether it’s because it’s a sneaky way to try and prevent recreational marijuana shops from opening where you live, or you’re just not as keen on the idea of people at your local dispensary, some of you are still worried about what the future holds.

When the New York legislature legalized marijuana last year, it was expected that the first dispensaries would open in the state in 2016, but there hasn’t been any activity on this front yet. Now, New York state is considering whether some municipalities should opt out of being the first to receive a permit, which would give them the option to delay opening their retail marijuana dispensaries until later in the year. The state would rather have people making their own decisions about whether to smoke marijuana recreationally or medicinally, but if communities have strong feelings about the subject, they should have the right not to see retail outlets selling dope.. Read more about new york legalization 2021 bill take effect and let us know what you think.

word-image-4618 Cities and towns in New York State are debating whether to allow retail and state-legalized cannabis providers in their jurisdictions, with some officials urging action as the deadline approaches. In March, the New York State Legislature and Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo passed a bill to legalize adult-use marijuana and create a regulated, taxable economy for the commercial production and sale of cannabis. Under this legislation, municipalities have the right to refuse the establishment of licensed cannabis dispensaries and consumption rooms on their territory. Cities that choose not to allow these businesses must hold a referendum on the ban if at least 20% of registered voters sign petitions calling for such a vote. In a recent webinar, Sarah Brancatell, legislative director of the New York State Association of Cities and Towns, warned community leaders who don’t want cannabis waiting rooms and retailers in their jurisdictions that they have until the end of the year to pass a local ordinance. Cities that have not participated in the program by that date will not be able to do so in the future. Local law must be enacted by 31. December 2021. It’s all happening really fast, Brancarella said. It’s like a gunshot once or twice. If you take it first. January, it is no longer valid.

New York City officials take action

Community leaders across the state have taken note and steps have already been taken to ban cannabis-related businesses. In North Salem, a suburb of New York City in Westchester County, the City Council voted for the 22nd District. June scheduled a hearing on a proposed opt-out order. At the City Council meeting of 25. Supervisor Warren Lucas said if the town pulls out of the agreement, the decision can be reversed at a later date. At some point, when we see how it all works, there is always the option to go back. But once we say yes, we can never say no again, Warren Lucas said. Council member Martin Aronczyk agreed, saying this is not the time to go public. It makes much more sense – if it happens – to see how it works, he said. Lucas added that we are an agricultural community and noted that he has heard from constituents who are interested in cannabis cultivation and those who are concerned about the presence of cannabis businesses in the community, even though local leaders do not have the authority to ban state-licensed cannabis businesses. I’ve gotten calls from people saying the kids don’t want a marijuana farm in town, Lucas said. On the weekends, they went there to collect cones. So I think we should approach this with caution. Lucas predicted mixed reactions from New Yorkers: Some people will say this is a great thing, others will say we are crazy for even considering the idea (that we shouldn’t be doing this in the city of North Salem). I know these things, they fall both ways. Kent City Council is also considering the establishment of cannabis dispensaries and consumption rooms, and Councillor Maureen Fleming is calling for a referendum on the issue. However, Councillor Chris Ruthven has called for an immediate vote on the abolition of cannabis retail and consumption premises. I’m ready to vote to ban dispensaries, Ruthven said on the 1. June. I have a hard time understanding how our state was able to legalize this. I don’t think it’s a good idea from the state and I won’t do anything to support it in any way. Whether or not the local government of New York City allows licensed cannabis dispensaries and waiting rooms in its jurisdiction, it is clear from the failed war on drugs that cannabis sales will take place. City officials must decide whether at least some of this trade should take place in retail establishments regulated and taxed by the state.On August 23rd, New York passed a new law that allows the state to license up to six marijuana-related businesses that are allowed to operate in the state. These include a marijuana shop that will oversee the sale and distribution of marijuana in the state, as well as a marijuana testing facility. The law also allows for five additional cultivation facilities to be licensed.. Read more about new york legalization 2021 bill pdf and let us know what you think.

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