In the past few years, the cannabis industry has been flourishing. With a growing number of states legalizing recreational and medical marijuana, more people are turning to this plant as a way to treat various ailments. One company that is leading the charge in this new market is Iron County Farms.

The glazed and confused is a strain of cannabis that was created in the United States. It is one of the most popular strains, because it has a high THC content.



MC3 Botanicals, a women-owned business in Mastodon Township, Iron County, has obtained its formal license to run the Class B grow facility from the state of Michigan. The company will be able to grow up to 1,000 medical-grade cannabis plants under the license. MC3 is also working on getting a recreational Class B license.

The business was established in 2018 by Sherry Smies, Lisa Lesandrini, and Susan Schuytema in anticipation of Michigan voters legalizing recreational cannabis.

According to a press release, they constructed a “state-of-the-art solar greenhouse where their expert staff will produce quality, medicinal cannabis.” “The year-round greenhouse facility will generate not just maximum yields, but also an exceptionally high-quality product while using less energy.”

In the announcement, MC3 founder and president Smies stated, “This wasn’t the simplest or least costly option to construct, but our investment will pay off in the long term with wonderful growth conditions and significant savings on our energy expenses.”

“We will harness the sun’s power, create a warm atmosphere, and protect our plants from severe climatic conditions,” Smies said. “It will also allow for year-round production, temperature control, and regulated sunshine exposure. It’s a facility that will be a pleasant environment for our staff as well as the plants.”

All three owners felt that joining other Michigan professional cannabis companies trying to change the industry’s image was critical.

“Our whole staff is made up of hardworking, educated individuals from various walks of life,” Schuytema said in a statement. “We’re horticulturists, business owners, inventors, carpenters, musicians, family members, farmers, friends, caretakers, and more. We each contribute our unique set of talents and years of experience in the business world. We are the ultimate ideal team.”

Smies began his journey to the Upper Peninsula many years ago.

Smies stated, “I was asked to be a vice president for a group focusing on becoming licensed in the Crystal Falls region.”

Despite the fact that her company never took off, Smies spent two more years studying all she could about the sector and developing a strong interest in it, she said.

“I felt I wanted to do something more significant with my job after witnessing how cannabis was benefiting so many people,” said Smies, a graphic designer by profession. “Another element of the equation was establishing a women-owned and family-run business.”

Lesandrini, who grew up on the Upper Peninsula, believes she was chosen for this trip.

“I started studying more about the advantages of medicinal cannabis by watching documentaries and talking to individuals who have benefited from it,” Lesandrini added. “It hurt my heart to see families forced to leave their homes in order to go to states that allow medicinal cannabis to be used to treat seizures caused by epilepsy. It was excruciating to see. I felt compelled to go in this direction.”

Tom Lesandrini, Lesandrini’s spouse, is the company’s farm manager.

“Cannabis has benefited so many individuals with so many different illnesses, but the stigma around it has kept people from trying it or talking about it,” said Tom Lesandrini. “I want to be a part of assisting them in overcoming their feelings and reassuring them that they are not alone.”

The 2465 s us2 crystal falls mi 49920 is a new grow facility that has opened in Iron County.

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