Melissa Etheridge is the latest celebrity to get in on the cannabis industry. She has partnered with a California company, and she’s seen firsthand the benefits of legalization.

Melissa Etheridge is the singer of hit songs like I Want to Come Over and Come to My Window. She has just launched her own cannabis company.



While some believe celebrities have an advantage over other cannabis businesses, Melissa Etheridge, who founded Etheridge Botanicals in 2020, says it’s not that simple. She tells CelebStoner, “We don’t sell more than anybody else.” “We’re still in the dark,” says the narrator.

After legalization in Canada in 2017, Etheridge blames this mainly on Canadian businesses “who started purchasing all the American companies.” “For a small company like ours, it’s been difficult.”

(Prerolls picture courtesy of Etheridge Botanicals; photo of Melissa Etheridge by Elizabeth Miranda)

Morning, Noon, and Night are the names given to sativa, hybrid, and indica flower sold in jars and prerolls in biodegradable tubes by the business. The items are exclusively accessible at dispensaries in California.

With the CBD business continuing to expand, Etheridge and her team have launched the Etheridge Organics brand, which includes a range of CBD products. They have five distinct tincture mixes ranging in strength from Pure Harmony to Pure Sleep.

“You and I may smoke THC before going to bed, but everyone, particularly novices, doesn’t want the high,” Etheridge says of sleeping preparation. “CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system and relaxes muscles. THC, on the other hand, is something I love.” 

Melissa Etheridge (Melissa) “It’s difficult for little businesses like ours. The cannabis business in the United States has been devastated by large corporations swooping in and purchasing everything. It’s depressing.” 

When it comes to sleep, we agree that THC and CBD are a good match. She mentions that her CBD products may be delivered to 38 different states.

“It’s tough for little people like us in Santa Cruz,” Etheridge adds, referring to the location of the businesses. “We need banking and credit. The cannabis business in the United States has been devastated by large corporations swooping in and purchasing everything. It’s depressing. Apart from MedMen, there isn’t much brand awareness in California, and we all know how that ended out. But we’re not giving up.”

Etheridge is presently on tour in support of her new album, One Way Out, which features previously unheard tracks. “”Outdoor performances are common,” she says, “but the regulations are different inside.” People are becoming more cautious.”

She’ll be performing at Camp Leavenworth in her hometown this weekend, then singing the National Anthem before the Chiefs-Chargers game in Kansas City on Sunday. “We’re 1-1,” Etheridge says when asked how her Chiefs are doing.

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