Darren McCarty was a Stanley Cup champion in Detroit, but he’s more famous for his battles with alcohol. Now, after years of sobriety, he believes marijuana played a pivotal role in his recovery.

There are an estimated 31 million adults who smoke marijuana in the United States. Although some people have it in their minds that most people who smoke marijuana are poor and homeless, that is far from true. In fact, the majority of marijuana users are employed and earn in the same range as the average American.

“Marijuana helped former NHL champion Darren McCarty beat alcoholism, he says. ‘I would’ve been dead without it.’” Darren McCarty, 42, is a Canada-based former NHL player who is now a marijuana advocate. In a recent interview, McCarty discussed how using marijuana has saved his life and helped him quit drinking. “I would’ve been dead without it, I don’t think I could’ve survived it,” he said. “I mean, I smoke marijuana. It helped me break the pattern of drinking, and it helped me quit drinking.”

If Darren McCarty hadn’t discovered marijuana, he claims he wouldn’t be alive now.

McCarty, a former NHL great and four-time Stanley Cup winner, said in an interview with Insider that he managed a 16-year hockey career with binge drinking and alcoholism. But, after retiring in 2009, he had no sport to distract him from his addiction, and his drinking habits worsened to life-threatening proportions over the following six years.

McCarty said, “I was 280 pounds.” “When I was in the hospital, my blood pressure was 265 over 145. I’m supposed to be dead.”

However, in November 2015, he decided to undergo a seven-day detox in his garage under the supervision of his wife Sheryl Simmons, who also acted as his nurse.

Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, a cannabis-oil product with high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the primary psychoactive component in marijuana that makes users high, was the crucial element that helped McCarty get through the detox, he claimed.

McCarty said, “It had to come down to me actually being on my dying bed.” “I woke up from a pretty much induced coma of RSO when I wasn’t vomiting or purging, and I got the physical addiction of alcohol out of my system.”

McCarty claims to have been alcohol-free for almost six years, and he attributes marijuana and its natural awareness-enhancing treatments with assisting him in his recovery. Now he wants to share the drug’s science with others who are looking for ways to overcome their own ailments, such as addiction.

“It’s an exit plan, not a gateway drug,” McCarty said.

Before experimenting with marijuana, McCarty was a well-known NHL player.

McCarty’s connection with booze began years before his relationship with marijuana, according to him.

McCarty, a native of British Columbia, Canada, where the drinking age is 19, started drinking at the age of 14.

Meanwhile, the negative connotations associated with marijuana kept him away from it throughout his childhood.

“You can drink a beer when you’re 12 in Canada,” McCarty said. “‘Stay away from this plant!’ it says. But here, child, drink your heart out.’ Marijuana is the equivalent of vomiting on your parents’ kitchen table when inebriated. It’s the stigma, and looking back on it, it’s insane.”

McCarty did not get high from marijuana for the first time until 1999, when he was 27 years old and had already won two Stanley Cup titles. He’d just had his first sports hernia surgery, and his doctor was trying to get him to take painkillers, but he refused, he claimed.

Darren McCarty

McCarty was encouraged by a buddy to try marijuana as a more natural approach to recuperate after surgery.

When McCarty first got high, it started him on a road that would eventually lead to his overcoming his alcoholism, as the increased awareness made him understand that he needed to leave booze behind him.

“I smoked right then and there: I remember lying on the sofa thinking, ‘Oh crap, this is too good to be true,’” McCarty said. “People don’t want to have a connection with cannabis because it forces them to have a relationship with themselves. That is why many seek refuge in booze.”

“When you have a connection with this plant, you look in the mirror and it reveals to you who you want to be,” he said.

McCarty owns a cannabis company and wants to spread the word about the science behind it.

Following his recovery from alcoholism, McCarty dedicated his life to promoting cannabis and learning more about its science.

“I follow the ideals of Alcoholics Anonymous, with the exception that my house contains a garden,” he said. “Because I can’t control myself, alcohol will kill me. But now I have something that complements it rather than replaces it, and it helps me become the person I want to be.”

McCarty partnered with cannabis research and commercial company Pincanna to launch the Darren McCarty Brand, a range of marijuana-related goods. Along with NFL Hall-of-Famers Calvin Johnson and Terrell Davis, and golfer Rickey Fowler, he is one of many present and past professional sportsmen who have invested in Cannabis goods.

However, for McCarty and his business colleagues, creating and selling goods is just half the fight.

His goal is to spread the word about his findings and to educate people about the plant’s therapeutic properties in order to dispel the negative stigmas that kept him from seeking help earlier in his life and instead resorting to alcohol.

He replied, “Let’s not make the same mistake again.” “The beauty is that all these youngsters who have grown up with transparency are the ones who are tuned in and tearing down this plant, ensuring that the education continues. This is simply another method to take care of oneself using your current system.”


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