A man with a weed-sounding name was busted for marijuana after he made an online purchase. The cops found the drugs in his home, which led to the arrest of this guy and his wife.

A man with a weed-sounding name was busted for, well, weed. The man had $20 worth of marijuana in his pocket when he was pulled over by police. Read more in detail here: weed, ca news today.



For a 20-year-old California guy with a weed-sounding name, taking an early-morning drive with cannabis trash plainly visible inside his car turned out to be a poor choice. When authorities stopped his car at around 3:30 a.m. in Redwood Valley, Calif., Kody Idica — just one letter shy of Indica, a cannabis strain traditionally associated with sedating effects — it was everything but soothing.

The officer from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) could plainly see loose marijuana trash on the vehicle’s floorboard after approaching it, according to an MCSO arrest report released this week.

Idica, the vehicle’s only passenger, was requested to leave so he could be searched. That’s when things started to go very nasty.


The deputy found “a significant amount of probable cocaine” in the driver’s trousers pocket, according to the MCSO.

The officer searched the car after discovering “other evidence connected with the transit and sale of illegal drugs.”

Adults 21 and older may purchase, possess, and use up to 28.5 grams of recreational cannabis in their own home or a licensed business, according to FindLaw. According to Chambers Law Firm, the medication cannot be taken while a vehicle is in motion, regardless of the technique employed.

First-time cocaine possession offenders may face a year in jail and a fine ranging from US$1,000 ($1,260) to US$100,000 ($126,000) under the Controlled Substance Act. According to McElfresh Law Inc., penalties rise after the second or third conviction.

First-time cocaine possession offenders may face a year in jail and a fine ranging from US$1,000 ($1,260) to US$100,000 ($126,000) under the Controlled Substance Act.  

If proof is discovered that the individual planned to sell or distribute the cocaine, he or she may face charges under California Health and Safety Code 11351 HS, which carries a sentence of two to four years in jail and a maximum fine of US$20,000 ($25,200), according to the material.

Idica was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale as well as transportation and sales of an organic drug. He was being detained in exchange for a US$25,000 ($31,500) bond.

The California guy isn’t the first one who has been pulled over when cops saw marijuana trash. Police in Florida claim that a motorist attempted to get rid of his illicit marijuana by eating it, a suspicion they immediately formed after seeing leafy, green remains around the man’s lips, as well as a green tongue.

After choking, an Ohio motorist who chose to gulp down his marijuana when stopped by the cops owes a debt of gratitude to a state trooper — and the Heimlich maneuver he performed.

Adult-use cannabis is still illegal in both Florida and Ohio, despite recent attempts in the latter state to legalize recreational marijuana.

The driver, whose wealth is estimated to exceed US$500,000 ($630,000), is now facing several narcotics accusations.

Drivers, on the other hand, don’t always attempt to conceal their illicit gain.

A Nebraska guy was arrested only last week when police discovered a THC wax bottle on his vehicle’s center console. According to the Seward County Sheriff’s Office, a search led in the seizure of 156 pounds (70.8 kilograms) of raw marijuana, 68 pounds (30.8 kilograms) of THC concentrate, and 23 pounds (10.4 kilograms) of THC wax concentrate.

The driver, whose wealth is estimated to be US$500,000 ($630,000), is now facing a slew of narcotics accusations.

The weed ca obituaries is a man with a weed-sounding name who was busted for, well, weed.

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