The cannabis industry has been around for years, but it’s still a relatively new concept to the mainstream. While there are many models of business in this industry, one company stands out as a prime example of how an organization can be run sustainably.

The custom dispensary packaging is a model that the cannabis industry has been using for years. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to package products.



It’s difficult enough to educate your consumers about what sustainability is and how your company is implementing sustainable practices. It’s probably even more difficult in the cannabis industry, where producers must contend with odor control and light abatement issues, in addition to just adhering to municipal laws.


That’s why a new initiative by AskGrowers, a website that teaches customers and gives beginners and seasoned aficionados an in-depth introduction to cannabis, is a wonderful model for the whole controlled-environment sector to follow.

AskGrowers has introduced a new section called “Sustainability in the Cannabis Industry” to its website. The site offers information on the effect of cannabis companies, producers, and users on the environment.

In recent years, reliable cannabis information has become more important. Sustainability in the Cannabis Industry teaches about the following topics:

  • What does it mean to be sustainable in the cannabis industry?
  • Why do you need long-term stability?
  • What are farmers’ perspectives on sustainability?
  • How else might the cannabis industry’s long-term viability be enhanced?

For the website, AskGrowers interviewed over 140 companies, ranging from brands and farmers to dispensaries and laboratories. Visitors may hear directly from industry professionals such as Wildwood Flower Farm’s Isaac Ekholm and Melissa Beseda, Pure Beauty’s Imelda Walavalkar, and Lazy Bee Garden’s Matthew Frigone about the problems and measures they take to make the cannabis business more ecologically responsible.

Consumers and producers alike must think about sustainability while operating their cannabis companies. Even during the height of the epidemic, when jobs were few and money was short, worries about sustainability arose throughout the nation, with 78 percent of consumers stating they consider cannabis sustainability when making purchases.

AskGrowers sees many methods to enhance the cannabis industry’s sustainability:

  • Brands that satisfy the cannabis industry’s requirements are certified.
  • Develop policies and laws that encourage cannabis businesses to achieve sustainability standards by offering tax breaks or other incentives.
  • Using public opinion to raise awareness for individuals and companies in the sector.
  • Encourage cannabis farmers, merchants, and consumers to think about quality and sustainability in the same way they think about quality and sustainability in food and other frequently consumed goods.
  • Continue to provide and develop initiatives to guarantee that legal cannabis is neither squandered or relegated to the illicit market.

“Sustainability in the cannabis business is not impossible, even if it is difficult. It all comes down to brand, farmer, and consumer decisions,” says Igor Dunaevsky, Managing Partner at AskGrowers. “Education will be a critical component.”

“State governments, consumers, dispensaries, and growers all need to work together to protect the environment while enjoying the advantages of cannabis,” says Irene Stepanenko, CEO of AskGrowers.

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