There has been a lot of speculation about whether cannabis cures cancer. This is a clear and The evidence is overwhelming that cannabis does not cure cancer.

The cannabis plant has been used for various healing and medicine purposes for thousands of years. Throughout the progression of cannabis history, it was used in ways that are now recognized as medicine. In recent times, the medical community has seen a dramatic shift in their opinion regarding the use of cannabis. With legalization of marijuana comes possible benefits to many people.

For decades, marijuana proponents have claimed that the federal government has discovered a treatment for cancer, and that remedy is the cannabis plant.

There’s no getting around it. This article will most likely come off as a bit harsh. For others, the language and ideas stated below may even be improper, and it is much too soon to address them openly. Please accept my humble apologies in advance.

It is not, and will never be, my aim to profit on others’ misery for the purpose of journalism. It is, nevertheless, my moral duty to dispel the misconceptions propagated by the cannabis advocacy group whenever possible. This is especially true if it means I may be able to help someone who is fighting cancer.

Cancer And Medical Marijuana- A Patient's Perspective

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Cancer is one of the most debilitating diseases in the United States. Every year, about 1.8 million new cases are diagnosed. Unfortunately, almost 600,000 of those individuals will never be able to recover.

Of course, with modern medicine being what it is, there are a plethora of cancer treatment choices available, the most of which are unpleasant to undergo. Anyone who has had chemotherapy with a family member can testify to this. But it’s the best we’ve got right now. Cancer has no recognized treatment. In any case, a cancer patient can only hope that physicians detect the disease early enough to improve the treatment program’s efficacy. If they don’t, the patient will have to walk a thin line between maintaining faith and losing hope.

Eddy Lepp, a renowned cannabis advocate, died of cancer last week. According to High Times, he was one of the most well-known members of the medical marijuana community, having spent eight years in federal jail for producing low-cost and often free marijuana for thousands of patients in need under California’s 1996 medical marijuana legislation. The canna-veteran also thought that marijuana might assist with cancer as part of his lobbying activities.

Yes, it can help, but it cannot cure.

For decades, marijuana proponents have claimed that the federal government has discovered a treatment for cancer, and that remedy is the cannabis plant. Some of them are certain that Uncle Sam is keeping this information hidden from the rest of the world, probably with the design for a water-powered engine and an envelope holding the identity of Kennedy’s killer.

And, although it was previously possible that the horrors of a borderline utopian government would withhold such a thing from the people in order to promote the profits of Big Healthcare and Big Pharma, this argument now seems a little hollow. Despite the fact that millions of people use marijuana these days, both legally and illegally, cancer fatalities continue to increase. How is this possible if cannabis is really a cure?

As I stated in a Forbes piece in 2018, science informs us that marijuana does not treat cancer, but real life does. Although anecdotal data suggests that cannabis may kill certain cancer cells from time to time, doctors believe the evidence isn’t solid enough to get enthusiastic about.

“Cannabinoids derived from cannabis, especially THC and cannabidiol, show action against certain malignancies in cell cultures and animal models (but strangely can accelerate the development of others),” stated Eugene Ahn, a Chicago-based Medical Oncologist. “However, none of these trials show that cannabis can treat cancer. It is both unethical and dangerous to claim that cannabis heals all cancers.”

The Incredible Truth About Marijuana And Bladder Cancer

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In the Forbes article, I discussed how I was approached by High Times to interview Hollywood stuntman Mark Chavarria — who has worked on films like “Iron Man” and “Sons of Anarchy” — about how he used cannabis oil to treat his stage-4 colon cancer. “What I think occurs with the oil is that it acts like shellac on the tumors, preventing them from growing, breathing, or eating,” he said. “It was gently but steadily peeling away at the tumors like an onion,” she says.

I’ll confess that Mark’s tale persuaded me that cannabis was a true cancer cure. I must have spoken to hundreds of patients, their friends, and family members after his tale was published, all of whom were eager to learn the key to cancer-free living. I was happy to provide the material, and Mark was kind in sharing his tale with anybody who was interested. Mark, like Lepp, died in 2017 from stage-4 cancer, demonstrating to me that smoking marijuana, ingesting cannabis oil, or any other creative ingestion technique for taking marijuana does not cure cancer.

But don’t take it from me. Science, yet again, refutes the notion. The National Academy of Science reviewed over 10,000 research and concluded that there is “zero evidence” that cannabis heals or even has an effect on cancer. Cannabis may be useful for nausea caused by chemotherapy, according to the Academy. However, reducing nausea is not the same as curing it.

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