My name is Jennifer, but I go by “Jenni” and “JenniCann” on most social media sites. I’m a female in my late twenties now, originally from a small town in the Midwest. I had an amazing life growing up: I was the oldest of 4 kids, and I had my dad, a teacher, as my rock when my mom was working. We were always together, and we were a very close family. I have fond memories of my childhood, and I try to keep those memories alive in my current life as well.

Hello, I’m Jenni, and I am a 38 year old woman living in Canada. I blog at I am a keen traveller, adventure seeker, artist, and cannabis enthusiast. I want to share my experiences with you so that you can see and learn how female cannabis consumers live their lives.

JenniCannAdventures is a new ganja travel service offering trips to Alaska to see (and smoke) the Northern Lights, s’mores infusions at a camp under the stars in Maine, and retreats here in the nation’s capital. So I decided to join JenniCannAdventures at their recent presentation in Washington DC, to make sure the hosting was appropriate for my species. Or lady, or however you define yourself. It’s like the Green Lantern Corps – we accept anyone who wants to wear green spandex and a Lone Ranger mask in public. О ! Facebook recently tried to sell me some anime-inspired clothing from Demobaza, and I’m definitely going to buy a half-turned cape to hide the psychokinetic energy coming out of my mouth, or a mouth full of termites, or some other cool jacket skill. I can’t wait. So I arrived Friday night before the other guests in a beautiful house on a quiet street in Chevy Chase. The door was open, and once I was inside, the JenniCannAdventures staff came to pack my (modest) bag and take me to the room I would be sharing for the weekend. The professional approach made an excellent first impression. My roommate and I each have a single bed, which wasn’t ideal, but I had to put someone else in one of the big beds, and I figured I could live with that for a few nights, since I was a freeloader anyway. I recently moved to Maryland, so I was glad to have a place to stay in town so I didn’t have to stand in traffic and park to go to the March for Our Lives event. word-image-10248 When I arrived on the ground floor, I was greeted by a small gift bag containing items from I71 brands – Preroll, Loudade 200mg, Sensi Suite 50mg infused water, and a rainbow colored soap infused brick. I drank some Loud-Ade and immediately smoked a preroll in the garden. The three-foot-high wooden fences around them weren’t completely shielded, but I felt comfortable with the smoke billowing out behind them into the dark night. word-image-10249 While the rest of the party arrives at the hotel, our first I71 host of the night, our good friends Dope City Supreme, also arrives to take over the dub bar. A good start of the weekend! They talked about the Sativa/Indica/Hybrid classification and then invited us to sample some of their delicious e-nails and sauces. After everyone was satisfied, the Bud Bingo began, which is exactly what it is – a bingo with 420 themed prizes. It was getting late, so a game of getting to know my real world colleagues was a great icebreaker. word-image-10250 The centerpiece of the JenniCannAdventures retreat in the Cannabis District were the Saturday lunches and activities. First, a free breakfast with lots of hot bacon after I complained about its absence from the menu on Friday night. Look, I’ll just go to a restaurant and order a whole meal of bacon. There’s no shame in being fat, son. After breakfast, Sensi Suite joined us to talk about Rastafari culture and demonstrated the rolling of blunt rolls. I got a few tips on how to buy quality bags next time I’m in Jamaica, which I’ll be happy to try out. word-image-10251-scaled The next activity was yoga and brewed golden pineapple tea, and as tempting as a glass of GPTea was, I had to go to the market. While I was protesting, those who had come to the District of Cannabis retreat had free time to look around or enjoy a local cannabis massage. I arrived an hour late for the walk and was surprised at how short it was, it ended around 3pm. The crowd was mixed, especially in terms of age – I had never seen school-age children protesting, and I had never seen elderly people in such large numbers, with appeals written on signs to save their grandchildren, waving them proudly as they were dropped off by adult children. I walked down 13th Street, as close to Pennsylvania as I could get, and after making my way through the crowd of singles, I could only make it a block and a half and barely see the big screen, but right in front of the Trump hotel. People seemed a bit distracted, unable to follow the songs, which I attribute to Mercury’s retrograde status. There was no apotheosis or catharsis that day, but it was clear that this meeting was just a step forward in a long and difficult struggle. word-image-10252-scaled I got back just in time for the Golden Pineapple celebration on Saturday. GP and JenniCannAdventures made it a point to ask all guests about their food allergies and dietary restrictions when planning meals, and they kindly accommodated my odd eating disorder (ARFID). With a full house, satisfied, satiated and high on THC, the entertainment continued until dessert and well into the night. My pleasant pastime was interrupted by an incessant migraine that did not want me to move my face, so I bid an early farewell to my hosts for the night and went home to the dark and silent rooms that house this ugly shadow. word-image-10253 Therefore, the next Cannabis County retreat will be held on the 31st. From July to August 3, a retreat in Spanish is planned for the fall. In addition, the 2. A rugby-themed tailgating party will be held in June. If these dates don’t work for your party, retreats can also be customized, and if you’re just looking for a quiet place to smoke and enjoy all that the Initiative 71 and D.C. medical marijuana reciprocity laws offer.

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