In a few short years, we’ll be enjoying two new legal and recreational marijuana products: the cannabis-infused beverage and the cannabis-infused snack. While the latter is still in development, the former is closer to becoming a reality. However, the federal government has yet to provide clear guidelines on how cannabis-infused beverages and other products should be made, marketed, and sold.

Buying and selling marijuana in the United States has changed a lot since the early days of legalization. Although most states have legalized medical and recreational use, there are still some that have not. With marijuana being a controlled substance, it has to be bought from a licensed dispensary. If you’re curious about the legality of marijuana in your state, check out this informational video about where to buy marijuana in the United States.

Judging from the image most Americans have of Vermont – home of Bernie Sanders, Ben & Jerry’s and the old hippies who left New York for the north years ago – you’d think CBD (and weed) would be found on the shelves of every drugstore, department store and McDonald’s.

In fact, when it comes to cannabis, Vermont is not as progressive as the stereotypes would suggest.

Yes, CBD and marijuana are legal in this state. But not so long ago, Vermont had a very different legal landscape. This is only the ninth state to allow the sale of recreational marijuana, with actual outlets not expected to open until 2022. The CBI was not legal until the federal government gave it the green light in late 2018.

CBD oil is easier to find in many states than in Vermont, because the cities are spread out. And the CBD certainly does not enjoy beneficiary nation status, as one would expect under the tax code.

But all that aside, these days you don’t have to make the arduous pilgrimage to buy CBD oil in Vermont. Let’s go through the details.

CBD oils in Vermont

The three products we have listed are very similar. All of these oils are whole oils made from carefully selected organic cannabis plants. Cannabidiol is extracted using an advanced process known as the supercritical CO2 method. They all use a high quality MCT carrier oil. And they all use as few additional ingredients as possible, all of which are organic or natural.

They differ only in small details.

Royal CBD Oil

Royal has the best potency selection and flavors you can find in a premium CBD oil; their highest potency selection is stronger than most manufacturers, and they sell their oil in a range of four delicious flavors. Royal CBD is only distributed through a small number of outlets, so the products are hard to find unless you order them online.

Golden Bee CBD Oil

Gold Bee only offers two lower strength CBD oils and only two flavor options. However, they are good for people trying cannabidiol for the first time. Gold Bee does not sell its CBD in stores. Being a boutique brand, production is so low that sometimes the online store doesn’t have enough products in stock.

CBDPure hemp oil

This brand is most commonly found in CBD stores, but not all stores carry it. CBDPure oils are not flavored, so they taste like the cannabis plant, and their potency is the lowest of the first three brands we identified. But they are still good for those who use cannabidiol to treat problems like stress or recurring headaches. CDBPure products are less expensive than Royal or Gold Bee products.

Believe it or not, Vermont legalized recreational marijuana before the use and sale of CBD was legalized in 2019. Weed legislation was passed in 2018, but detailed cannabis guidelines were not approved until 2020, and recreational dispensaries are not expected to open until 2022.

However, Vermont residents are not at legal risk if they rush to buy CBD online before 2019. In 2015, the Attorney General issued an opinion stating that no one would be prosecuted for possessing cannabis or CBD oil, even though it is technically illegal. Since then, all CBD products have been bought and sold in Vermont without issue.

At the end, all the dots were crossed. With the passage of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill and the subsequent codification of its provisions in Vermont, the legality of CBD in the state became quite official: If cannabidiol is extracted from cannabis and the THC content is less than 0.3%, then CBD may be sold or used.

Another CBD product that is problematic for residents of many other states is also legal in Vermont. CBD extracted from the marijuana plant, sometimes called marijuana oil, has been approved for purchase by medical marijuana patients since the program began in 2013. Marijuana became fully legal when the state approved recreational marijuana; however, it is currently only available for sale to patients in medical dispensaries.

That’s not to say that Vermonters are one big happy family when it comes to CBD. Many people are against the way the government taxes them. Unlike prescription drugs, CBD products must be subject to sales tax in Vermont even if they are intended to be used as a food ingredient or dietary supplement. However, no tax is imposed if it is merely part of a taxable meal at a restaurant.

Despite the fiscal confusion, Vermont is now one of the most legal CBD states in the US.

Do you need a prescription or medical card to buy CBD oil in Vermont?

CBD oil is easily available to Vermont residents without the need for a prescription or medical card, as CBD is legal in the state. Marijuana-derived CBD oil is also legal, but you’ll need a patient ID to buy it, as it’s currently only sold in medical dispensaries. Epidiolex, a CBD-based drug used to treat rare forms of epilepsy in children, still requires a prescription and is only available in pharmacies.

There are no age restrictions on using – or, for that matter, buying – CBD oil. However, most CBD sellers do not sell their products to anyone under the age of 18, and some require their customers to be at least 21 years old. It is obvious to assume that parents can give CAD to their minor children, but there is no law governing this issue.

The legal age for buying and using marijuana in Vermont is 21, which means marijuana-derived CBD is illegal for minors.

You will have no problems traveling with CBD oil anywhere in Vermont, unless you are under 21 and traveling with CBD that is derived from marijuana, not cannabis. Everything else is fine.

Which type of CBD is best for you?

Honestly, it’s hard to determine the right type of CBD that everyone should be using because everyone reacts differently to CBD. More importantly, people use cannabidiol for different reasons, with dosage and period of efficacy varying widely. For example, the right dose for slowly improving cardiovascular health will not be the same as the dose you want to take when you have a migraine or can’t sleep.

Nevertheless, here are some recommendations that may help you.

Type of central bank

Cannabidiol products are referred to as full spectrum, broad spectrum or CBD isolates.

Full spectrum CBD is the most effective because it contains all the natural chemical constituents of cannabis: Flavonoids, terpenes and all cannabinoids in the plant, including the legally permissible small amount of THC that does not get you high. All of these compounds work together with cannabidiol to increase its potency; this process is known as the surrounding effect.

THC was removed from the broad spectrum product and all other ingredients were removed from the CBD isolate before it was marketed. They each have an advantage that full-spectrum cannabidiol cannot match: They cannot accidentally cause a positive drug test because they do not contain THC. For this reason, broad spectrum has a slightly weaker effect than full spectrum; CBD isolate has no activity-enhancing effect because it contains only cannabidiol.

Forms of CBD

CBD oil is the most popular form of cannabidiol for sale. People like that it works quickly and does not lose its efficacy when poured under the tongue with a dropper. Vaporizing CBD has similar effects, but most people don’t vaporize (or don’t want to start).

Taking CBD in capsule or edible form is slightly easier, but the cannabidiol takes longer to work because the capsule or edible form must be digested before the CBD can enter the body. Some power is also lost in the process.

Topical CBD preparations are widely available, but are most often used to treat external muscle or joint pain. This is because the skin prevents cannabidiol from entering the body and entering the bloodstream, where it can provide more general relief throughout the body.

Yes, and you should be able to buy it without any problems if you’re not underage. This was somewhat contested between July 2018, when recreational use was officially allowed in the state, and October 2020, when the legislature passed new laws actually regulating the sale of marijuana.

However, the problem remains. The 2020 legislation only greenlighted the application process for marijuana sales in approved recreational dispensaries. None of these clinics are open anymore. Not until 2022 will adults be able to just walk into a licensed store and buy weed. In the meantime, you can use it, but how do you find the greens? Or you have to be a patient who can go to a medical dispensary, grow your own weed, take a trip to Massachusetts or Maine, or buy weed the old fashioned way.

Where can I buy CBD in Vermont?

We can’t say that you can buy CBD everywhere, as there are certainly less developed areas of Vermont where there are no shopping malls nearby. However, in most cases, you can buy CBD oil and other products in all major cities and most small towns.

CBD stores open faster in Vermont than ice cream parlors in the summer. So you should have no trouble finding a CBD store or vape shop that sells CBD oil, vape capsules, vape juice and supplements. Local and CBD-infused health and beauty products are also easy to find; even chains like Walgreens now sell them in Vermont.

But you may want to consider another option. Most CBD stores and local outlets that sell cannabidiol products do not carry top brands for a very good reason: They can make more money by selling brands of lower quality or with a lower price. Most high-quality CBD manufacturers only have agreements with a limited number of stores. Otherwise, they sell their – really effective – CBD products online.

There are other benefits to buying CBD online. You will usually find out much more about the products than the salesperson in the CBD store. You can easily compare brands without spending time in store aisles reading labels, and you can check the COAs (certificates of analysis with all cannabinoid percentages) that all reputable manufacturers post on their websites. They also deliver directly to your home.

Do you still want to go shopping? We’ll take care of you.

This is just a small selection of CBD vendors in Vermont’s largest cities, and new outlets are added regularly. But these guidelines will help you get started.

  • Burlington: Green Mountain Hemp Company, Ceres Natural Remedies
  • Rutland: Up in Smoke, Emporium Tobacco and Gifts…
  • Bennington: Liquor and Damp Shop, A Kind Place
  • Brattleboro: Vermont hemp, canna flower
  • Montpellier: AroMed Essentials, Hemp Mountain CBD

Purchase of CBD in Vermont: Final thoughts

If you want to try CBD oil in Vermont, you don’t have to worry because it is perfectly legal. The state also has a good selection of CBD shops scattered throughout the state, thanks to the quiet lifestyle that characterizes many of the cities and towns. University towns are particularly good for shopping.

However, you won’t always find top CBD brands for the reasons we’ve already mentioned. For brands like the ones at the top of this page, you should probably order online and have them delivered to your home. Again, there is no legal problem; take advantage of it, as long as you wait a year or two before any recreational dispensaries open in the state.

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