Cannabis is illegal in most of the world, and for good reason: it’s dangerous. But the above question is the wrong way to go about answering it. Instead of asking whether it’s legal, we should be asking whether it’s safe.

Marijuana is legal in some countries, such as Canada and the Netherlands, while the rest of the world is still in the dark about its legality. The longest-lasting disagreement is between the US and Canada. Growing and selling the drug has been illegal in the US since 1937, but in Canada since 1923. The Canadian government has been more relaxed about it, but it is still illegal for teenagers under 18 and for their parents to get involved.

Marijuana is a controversial topic. It’s been a relatively easy step for states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults, but at the federal level marijuana is still listed as a Schedule I drug. As a result, the legality of marijuana is dependent upon the state in which it is consumed, who is purchasing it, and where it is being consumed.. Read more about depends on who you ask meaning and let us know what you think.



 Delta-8 is the most recent hemp-related craze to sweep the nation, including Kentucky. However, the hemp-based product is not without its detractors. Depending on who you ask, Delta-8 may or may not be legal.

What exactly is Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC is a hemp-derived chemical. It appears like marijuana in flower form, but it’s not the Delta-9 THC molecule in marijuana that causes people to become “high.”

Some individuals have said that the effects are considerably milder. Euphoria has been described by others.

Delta-8 is available in a number of forms, including oil and edibles. It may be consumed, smoked, or vaped.

It’s a product that Dee Dee Taylor introduced to her 502-HEMP shelves in September. People come to her CBD shop in Louisville to get relief from pain, anxiety, seizures, and other ailments.

“It everything revolves around them. I want them to be happier “Taylor said. “I’ve always cared about my clients, therefore I don’t want them to be in agony.”

Taylor confesses she was dubious about Delta-8’s legitimacy when it was initially presented. 

The 2018 Farm Bill is cited by Delta-8 supporters. Three years ago, the Farm Bill was signed into law in Kentucky. Hemp and cannabis derivatives with less than.3% Delta-9 THC were removed from the Controlled Substance Act. 

“It was legal or legitimate as long as it originated from a hemp plant to begin with,” Taylor’s husband, John, said. He is a CBD product processor, not Delta-8, but he backed his wife’s choice to offer Delta-8 at her shop.

“Until that letter from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture was presented, everything of my research indicated this was lawful,” Taylor said. She went on to say that she even approached clients who worked in law enforcement and received approval to sell it. 

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has a different perspective on Delta-8’s legality. 

The Department of Agriculture’s Sean Southard referred to a DEA list that lists Delta-8 as a restricted drug. 

Delta-8, he claims, is a synthetic drug since it is created via a chemical process. It’s also been suggested that it’s produced from battery acid. 

“The most essential thing to know is that all of my goods have been tested. Certified laboratories test them “Taylor opined. “If they weren’t secure, I wouldn’t have sold them.” 

KDA issued a letter to hemp license holders on April 19, 2021, just before 4/20, to address concerns about manufacturing Delta-8. It cautioned farmers and processors that selling Delta-8 is prohibited and may result in their being kicked out of the Hemp Licensing Program as well as facing criminal charges.

Taylor got a copy of the letter and first dismissed it as having no bearing on her. Then she heard about raids on shops all across Kentucky. According to a Facebook post from the Casey County Sheriff’s Department, if the shop owner is found selling Delta-8 again, he will face felony charges. 

“That frightened me a lot. What was I supposed to do? This commodity is required by the public “Taylor remarked.

She eventually removed it from her shelf.

In a recent study, the United States Cannabis Council addressed Delta-8, stating that the 2018 Farm Bill does not “legalize the manufacture of psychoactive substances merely because the basic material has been derived from industrial hemp.”


Taylor was named in an injunction brought by the Kentucky Hemp Association against the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Kentucky State Police, and the Attorney General in July. The lawsuit claimed that “the April Guidance is null and void,” and sought to prevent police from conducting any enforcement action against [the sale of Delta-8].

“I’d always been the nice child. I was never in any kind of difficulty. I’ve never been a criminal in my life “Taylor said. “And I was obeying the law when I first began selling this, and I still am.”

The letter, according to Southard, has nothing to do with the raids. He stated that since Delta-8 was on the DEA’s restricted drug list, officers had the right to seize it from shop shelves all along. 

She said she lost almost $20,000 in the first two weeks after removing the product off the market. But it’s not all about the money for Taylor. The hardest thing, she says, is not being able to offer a product that is beneficial to her clients.

In October, a hearing will be held to consider the injunction.

Testimony from Delta-8

Staff Sergeant Michael Lemmons enlisted in the United States Army in April 2002, only seven months after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. His 14-year military service started with deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“I was stationed in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2007. I was on the 15th floor of a 15-story skyscraper. Indirect fire was directed towards our Forward Operating Base. I fell from the roof and landed flat on my back on the concrete below “”Says Lemmons,” he says. “I was knocked out and had a brain damage,” said the victim.

Before retiring in 2014, he continued to service in Honduras and Fort Knox. Following his departure, he was subjected to a thorough medical and mental examination, as is standard procedure. 

“You’re taught your whole career that you’re the most capable and professional body on the battlefield. You’ll be informed you’re broken in two weeks “”Says Lemmons,” he says.

He wasn’t formally diagnosed with PTSD, but he was given medications to help him with a variety of problems. The prescribed medications, according to Lemmons, caused a neurological chemical imbalance that didn’t help him feel better. He was well aware that there were still problems in his body that needed to be addressed. 

When Lemmons met Taylor of 502-HEMP, he decided to try Delta-8.

“I feel really alive for the first time in my whole life,” Lemmons remarked. “I feel completely alive, joyful, energetic, and robust.”

Lemmons said he would be heartbroken if people lost access to Delta-8.

Lemmons told WHAS11 that he understands why Delta-8 could be classified as a synthetic drug, but that it all depends on where and how it’s made. He believes that it should be required and controlled rather than outright prohibited, so that those who need it may still get it. 

Marijuana is the most commonly consumed illicit drug in the world, and over the past few years, many states (including Colorado and Washington) have decriminalized it for medical use. Despite this, no state has passed a law that makes it legal for adults to use marijuana recreationally. You can smoke it, you can grow it, you can sell it, but you can’t buy it. This is what you call the “state of the cannabis legalization”.. Read more about it depends on whom i am talking to and let us know what you think.

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