Welcome to our blog! We are the blog of Permafrost CBD, a CBD-rich oil. We are an organic family of individuals working to bring you a healthy and natural CBD oil. We are passionate about health and well-being and aim to provide information on healthy living, organic gardening, holistic therapies and more.

This plant is the most potent medicinal cannabis strain available. It is a cross between an Indica strain and a Sativa strain. The Indica strain is in the family of strains that induce sleep and sedative effects. The Sativa strain is in the family of strains that induce feelings of energy and wakefulness. The strain combination is a very potent medicinal strain that is especially useful for pain management, insomnia and anxiety.

The need for terpenes is essential to all of us who grow cannabis. We want our plants to be as healthy and potent as they can possibly be, and terpenes are essential to that. They give the plant its signature aromas and flavors, and they’re the reason we all love the smell of freshly-cut cannabis. But it turns out that all of that potency comes at a cost: terpenes can cause serious damage if you expose your plants to too much heat and humidity.

Greetings, Tockers! This is i502drew, your Seattle companion, sending my alpha waves directly into your eye brain! There’s a lot of talk here about the heat wave, but I don’t know where to find it. I guess I’m used to the summer sun burning the streets of Chicago, or maybe this whole basement apartment thing was a good idea. Anyway, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stock up on some logs in case of an apocalypse. Inflorescence’s delicious mound sugar is definitely a must-have in every mound hunter’s bag. As a bonus, the permafrost tribe will take an ironic and repulsive turn that will make you lose your mind when the next day turns out to be The Day After Tomorrow or some other lame disaster thriller. word-image-7502 A fire like that is ice cold! Not knowing exactly what to expect from Permafrost, I do a routine Google search for Seedfinder + Permafrost, but I’m disappointed to find no listing! You mean Leafly has more information on the pedigree of the varieties than Seedfinder! No, this is not possible! Quick, look it up at urbandictionary.com! word-image-2656 What’s next? word-image-2658 Oh, yeah, baby, that’s it! Who wouldn’t want to talk to the frog himself? AAAAAYYY KERMIIITTTT! . . . What? You want me to admit I was wrong about something? This is great: Seedfinder is not perfect. Sometimes you will come across a breed for which there is no standardized version or consensus on its origin. In this case, Leafly can better track what the merchants are selling. Be sure to call and check your current inventory if you are using Leafly for the menu. word-image-7503 When I breathe in the sharp sugar of permafrost, I feel like I’m skiing to victory against a rich, blonde tyrant with a bunch of cute idiots cheering me on. …. The first thing you notice about this Inflorescence Permafrost (produced by Labs of Dabstract) is the smell. If I had to give Permafrost another name, I would call it Cool Mint Kush. The second thing I noticed was that my standard size dub produced twice as many sips of delicious kush vapor as I was used to. This is due to the higher boiling point of this deadly minty terpene profile. I wouldn’t be impressed if it was food grade or other non-cannabis terpenes, but when it comes to the flavor profile of the concentrates, Dabstract hits the mark immediately. At one point, stores were full of artificial extracts with candy flavorings, but thankfully such products are no longer allowed under I-502. word-image-7504 I think the seed seeker is missing. …. Finally, I agree that permafrost fans are on the right track. As one would expect, the unique flavor profile seems to play a big role in this sensation. It is uplifting and balanced. Not overly stimulating, but I find myself quite functional even at very high doses. If you want to go unnoticed, you probably need eye drops. What I notice from the Inflorescence/Dabstract Permafrost collaboration is that I feel less energetic in small doses. I suspect that mint terpenes have a higher boiling point than cannabinoids, and therefore not all terpenes evaporate during the first two low temperature presses of my vapor pen. The result is that the concentration of peppermint terpenes in the remaining oil increases as I take more puffs. The other side’s argument is probably as valid as mine, so this is a case where you’ll have to try it yourself. It’s for science, Mom! If you’re not limited to downtown Seattle and the North Side, stores in Lynnwood and Everett usually have decent prices too. This time I stopped by Local Roots in Edmonds and paid a reasonable $45 for an ounce of Inflorescence turp sugar, the same amount they charge for Bodhi High Blue Dream. Local Roots in Everett, on the other hand, offers the same Blue Dream on the menu for just $30. If you have the patience, bargain hunting in Seattle will definitely pay off. If not, read more from i502Drew here at GentlemanToker.com!Hello! Welcome to my new blog post! My name is Lizzie, and I’m a full-time cannabis enthusiast from Canada. I’ve been growing cannabis since 2012, and it has been a very rewarding experience so far. I’ve been sharing my grow-farms, growing tips, and recipes for medical cannabis for the last few years. Now I’m in the process of creating a cannabis seed-bank, and I hope to share all that I’ve learned with you!. Read more about zen extracts carts and let us know what you think.

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