Illinois Women in Cannabis is hosting a Breast Cancer and Cannabis Conversation on Wednesday, October 10th at 6:30pm for women who are survivors of breast cancer.

The illinois women in cannabis facebook is an event that will be hosted by Illinois Women in Cannabis. They are hosting a breast cancer and cannabis conversation to help educate others on the benefits of cannabis for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.



Breast Cancer and Cannabis Conversation will be Hosted by Illinois Women in Cannabis; Virtual Forum Contributes to October’s Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month Free In celebration of its “Pre-Rolls for a Cause” campaign, NuEra Cannabis is hosting a webinar on October 6 that will include Midwest Cancer & Cannabis Clinicians and Patients.

In celebration of October’s annual breast cancer awareness month, Illinois Women in Cannabis (IWC), the state’s premier cannabis industry networking group, will conduct a virtual breast cancer and cannabis discussion. 

A live webinar titled “Breast Cancer and Cannabis: Considerations, Cautions, and Case Studies” will be place on Wednesday, October 6 from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. A panel of multi-state Midwest women with experience with both breast cancer and cannabis, including prominent Missouri cannabis patient activists and product formulation specialists, will speak at the free event. Breast cancer patients who are registered medical marijuana patients in their various states and get advice from one of the panelists will also participate in the discussion, offering their valuable insights and experiences. 

The educational event is sponsored by nuEra Cannabis, an Illinois-based vertically integrated cannabis business. It complements nuEra’s “Pre-Rolls for a Cause” product and retail campaign. The nuEra campaign is in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and profits will be donated to Illinois cancer organizations. Learn more about the nuEra Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser and how you can help. 

Amor Montes de Oca, Executive Director of Illinois Women in Cannabis, stated, “We appreciate being able to plan and host critical discussions like this forthcoming breast cancer awareness event.” “Because IWC was established the same year Illinois legalized medical marijuana, we’ve developed and evolved alongside the state’s cannabis program. Thanks to active members and dedicated support from cannabis companies like nuEra, we’ve been able to grow our educational programs, advocacy efforts, and community collaborations over the last seven years. “Thanks to its members and corporate sponsors, IWC is able to undertake vital work,” Amor said of the forthcoming webinar. 

   The IWC Breast Cancer and Cannabis webinar’s featured panelists include: 

  • Jamila Owens-Todd is a naturopathic doctor and adjunct lecturer and consultant for the Saint Louis University cannabis science department. Owens-Todd has also worked for Phytos Cannabis, a prominent cannabis business based in Missouri, as a research manager. As a scientist, Owens-Todd will rely on her knowledge and experience in product development and analysis, as well as patient counseling as a naturopathic medicine primary care practitioner. 
  • MSN, RN April Hatch is the co-founder of Cannabis Care Team. The registered nurse and her team of nurses offer qualified medical cannabis patients with the individualized and ongoing education, support, and advocacy they need to reap the medicinal advantages of cannabis while still remaining safe. Hatch and her team also offer cannabis education and training to Midwest cannabis businesses, including frontline workers and brand ambassadors, as well as serving as live, in-store instructional resources for medical cannabis patients and retail consumers. 
  • Tammy Azzarello, a nuEra Chicago Patient Consultant, will discuss her insights and experiences as a first point of contact for medical cannabis and adult-use clients that visit nuEra shops. Azzarello advises canna-consumers on consumption techniques, strains, dosage, and product effects as a patient consultant. 
  • Breast cancer sufferers who are also registered medical marijuana users in their respective states are among the IWC’s distinguished guests. Their approach and journey have benefited greatly from the advice of a cannabis doctor. 
  • Jasmine Carracci, MSW, and Gilda’s Club bi-lingual program coordinator, will also speak. Gilda’s Club is a nationwide cancer support group with a particular connection to Chicago, and profits from NuEra’s “Pre-Rolls for a Cause” product and retail campaign, which was just introduced in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, will go to the Chicago branch of Gilda’s Club. Gilda’s Club helps cancer-affected women, children, and men; its namesake is Gilda Radner, one of the original cast members of “Saturday Night Live” and a renowned Chicago Second City graduate. (Link to Jonah’s press release.) Learn more about nuEra’s “Pre-Rolls for a Cause” initiative. 

Since its inception in 2014, Illinois Women in Cannabis (IWC) has evolved to become the state’s premier cannabis industry networking group. The non-profit membership organization’s goal is to encourage women of all ages and backgrounds in the cannabis business to develop strong connections, networks, and careers. Within six years, the organization has advanced its mission by launching mission-related initiatives, hosting recurring networking sessions, steadily collaborating with other stakeholders, thought leaders, and communities on shared goals, and facilitating one-of-a-kind conversations, such as the upcoming Breast Cancer and Cannabis: Considerations, Cautions, and Case Studies. 

The Illinois Women in Cannabis to Host a Breast Cancer and Cannabis Conversation is a conversation that will happen on October 20th. This event will be hosted by the Illinois Women in Cannabis, which is an organization that advocates for the legalization of cannabis. Reference: armour advocacy.

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