North Carolina has made medical marijuana legal, but what exactly is allowed? Here are some answers. Each county can decide its own rules for how the dispensaries work and if they will allow delivery services. It’s also important to note that where you live dictates all sorts of restrictions on your ability to obtain weed legally.

North Carolina’s medical marijuana law is now the most expansive in the United States. To date, no state has as much latitude to create a regulated market for cannabis like North Carolina does. The question remains: what would be allowed under this new legalized regime? Here are some answers from experts on the topic.North Carolina has been considering medical marijuana legalization for a while now. If the state were to legalize it, what would be allowed? Here are some answers. Read more in detail here: north carolina medical marijuanas 2020.



The Compassionate Care Act, which would legalize medicinal marijuana in North Carolina, is now being debated in the North Carolina Senate.

According to the sponsors, this bill would make North Carolina the state with the toughest medicinal marijuana laws in the nation.

Below are some questions and answers regarding who may be eligible for medicinal marijuana, as well as how a medical marijuana legislation might be administered if S711 passes.

This data is up to date as of early August 2021, although it is subject to change. The most recent version of S711 may be found on the website of the North Carolina General Assembly.

Patients’ guidelines

How does one become eligible for medicinal marijuana?

A physician must conduct a thorough examination of the patient’s medical history, including an in-person physical examination, and certify in writing that the patient suffers from a severe medical condition for which cannabis would offer more benefits than dangers.

What is the maximum amount of medicinal marijuana that a patient can have?

A 30-day supply is all that is permitted for the patient.

Is it necessary for a patient to have specific identification cards?

To legally buy medicinal marijuana, patients and authorized caregivers must first get registration identification cards. The document does not specify a price, but it is limited at $50.

Is it legal for children to consume medicinal marijuana?

Qualified individuals under the age of 18 may be given medical cannabis as long as it is not inhalable.

Medical Problems

What diseases or disorders might be eligible for medicinal marijuana treatment?

Cancer, epilepsy, HIV, AIDS, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are all diseases that affect people (ALS). Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel illness. Parkinson’s illness, sickle cell anemia

The patient must have proof of one or more traumatic experiences, such as active military duty, being the victim of a violent or sexual crime, or being a first responder, to be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Multiple sclerosis, cachexia, or wasting syndrome are all conditions that may cause wasting.

Severe or chronic nausea associated with end-of-life or hospice care, or in someone who is bedridden or homebound due to a medical condition (and the patient must not be pregnant).

Other debilitating medical disorders that are similar to or identical to the ones mentioned above.

I have a different disease that isn’t mentioned – may it be added?

The Medical Cannabis Advisory Board may add other health problems to this list. If medicinal marijuana becomes legal, this board will be formed.

Production and distribution

What facilities would be used to grow and sell medicinal marijuana?

It would be manufactured in regulated facilities and sold in licensed medicinal cannabis dispensaries.

What would be the total number of sales locations?

For the manufacture or distribution of medicinal marijuana products, only ten medical cannabis supplier licenses would be granted throughout the state.

Each licensee may operate up to four medical cannabis centers, resulting in a total of 40 medicinal marijuana dispensaries throughout the state.

I reside in a low-income neighborhood; will any of the 40 medicinal cannabis clinics operate near me?

S711 mandates that at least two of each licensee’s four medical cannabis facilities be located in the state’s “Tier One” counties. Tier One counties are the most economically challenged in the state, according to the state government.

Because there will be 41 Tier One counties in 2021, up to 20 of the businesses will be distributed among them.

The remaining 20 medicinal marijuana dispensaries would be spread throughout the state’s 59 counties. In terms of economic strength, they are categorized as Tier Two, better, or Tier Three, best.

Production, sales, and taxes are all factors to consider.

What qualifications does a company need to get a medical cannabis provider license to produce and sell medicinal marijuana?

Potential medical marijuana cannabis seller licenses must submit documents demonstrating the following:

They have lived in the state for at least two years and will control the bulk of their production and medicinal cannabis centers. They must be above the age of 21.

At least five years of experience in a state-licensed medical or adult-use cannabis business in cultivation, manufacturing, extraction, product development, quality control, and inventory management of medicinal cannabis. (Non-resident business partners may have this experience.)

Significant technological competence to grow, manufacture, and distribute medicinal cannabis in a consistent and safe way that satisfies industry standards.

Experience with cannabis cultivation, testing, resources, transportation, and people in order to operate as a safe and secure provider in accordance with all state laws.

Financial resources for at least two years of operation.

What would the cost of manufacturing and sales licenses be?

Medical cannabis suppliers must pay a $50,000 nonrefundable fee, plus $5,000 per planned production facility or medical cannabis center, to apply for a license.

For each manufacturing facility and medicinal cannabis center, licenses would be renewed yearly for $10,000 extra $1,000.

Would workers be required to have a license?

A $250 registration identity card is required for each director and employee of a supplier.

Is there going to be a tax on medicinal marijuana?

Suppliers would pay the state 10% of their gross revenues from cannabis and cannabis-infused product sales each month. 

Is it possible for ex-offenders to get a license to grow and sell medicinal marijuana?

Some individuals with felony criminal histories who aren’t involved in the illegal drug trade may be able to get a license. They would have to have served at least five years of their felony terms (including the final date of any probation or parole).

What about those who had, manufactured, or sold illicit drugs?

That is debatable.

People who have been convicted of felony drug trafficking involving goods on North Carolina’s schedule I and schedule II lists of prohibited drugs would be barred from applying for medical cannabis provider licenses. Cocaine, heroin, LSD, meth, morphine, and oxycodone are examples of schedule I and II substances. There are a slew of others.

Synthetic cannabinoids are classified as Schedule I substances.

Because marijuana is classified as a Schedule VI substance, a prior marijuana conviction will not prevent someone from obtaining a license.

If North Carolina legalizes medical marijuana, what would be allowed? Here are some answers. Reference: nc passes medical marijuanas.

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