Lizzie’s Cbd is a family owned and operated business based in Humboldt county here in California. We have been in business since 2008 and have been working with cannibis since 1996. We have cultivated over 40 strains and believe that we have some of the best available in California. Lizzie’s Cbd was founded 5 years ago by Lizzy.

The Humboldt Kush (Butter Nugg Cookies) is a new strain of medical marijuana that is just hitting the market. It is a hybrid strain that is created by crossing the Humboldt Kush strain with the famous (or infamous) White Widow strain. This strain is known for its heavy buzz and its high CBD:THC ratio.

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Butter Nugg Cookies is currently growing Humboldt Kush flowers, from which they have pressed an amazing, very sweet and tart resin that can be purchased as is or incorporated into their candy. However you want to take your medicine, Butter Nugg will take care of it. A blessing for everyone! Today we look at the Butter Nugg’s cookie I ate on Wednesday before the Caps’ game against the Canucks. One of my loyal servants contacted me and offered me a ticket, so I said why not. What have you done for your dark lord lately? Anyway, I’ve never been to a Caps game since I’ve been here. I never thought hockey was that exciting a spectacle on television, but I didn’t really understand the game. I once played goalie on my mate’s team in Worcester because I was so drunk I thought I could skate if I stayed still. After a few minutes of waddling around like a cute kitten (uh-oh), I was kindly asked what I thought and helped off the ice. Ah, the joys of a misguided youth. He continues. word-image-10341 I grabbed my Humboldt Kush Butter Nugg Cookie just outside the Capital One Arena and gave one to my host to gauge his reaction, since my tolerance for edibles is pretty high. By the way, he asked me to call him Nature Boy, which is ridiculous, but I’ll do it. Each was about 75 mg. These are very tasty sugar cookies without cannabis aftertaste that you can swallow in two bites. We walked around the stadium and had a few beers before taking our seats, which were pretty high. I knew the drugs had had an effect when I looked down and felt the old paranoia creeping into my mind that I would easily ….. I’d easily run into. And then they played Anthem Time and I thought… Oh dear, okay, but please sing faster, some of us are in danger of slipping every time we stand up and unleashing a devastating chain reaction, a human rock so to speak. Of course they had to sing two, because Canada is stupid sexy. word-image-10342 Humboldt Kush Fleur. Oh, look at that purple. Once I sat down, I was treated to an amazing bird’s eye view, just like in the old NES NHL game. It was a very different experience from television. Here I could follow the game much better. The nature boy kindly handed out the rules of the game, explained the penalties and who the players were, while I entered phase 2 of consumption and retreated into my inner space. At first I didn’t feel comfortable clapping – I think five times in a row is too much for the audience to start screaming, but what do I know, I’m just a meta-empath. Feeling that my discomfort was creating an energy vacuum around me, I decided to join in before I disturbed everyone else. As soon as I started singing again, the tension eased and I felt less anxious. I was able to focus on the game again, which helped me to the end with the help of Butter Nug cookies. I watched the final minutes with cautious hope as the Caps led 3-1 thanks to some impressive saves from the backup goalie. After years of seeing the O’s lose, the Nats lose several times and Washington lose to the Giants on a cold December night, finally! Let’s go for the win! To triumph! On the… Um, how’s the pizza? Yes! On the pizza! word-image-10343 Great floral and tart aromas with this resin. Gentleman definitely recommends these Humboldt Kush Butter Nugg cookies, which you’ll probably enjoy more while sitting on your Gravity blanket watching the new season of Disjointed, but I’m trying to find more adventure since I’ve been talking a lot about TV and there’s a whole city to explore. Oooh, don’t forget the beautiful floral resin, that’s a darn good selection. Be sure to follow Butter Nugg on Instagram to see the latest acquisitions and appearances at events.This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.. Read more about humboldt farms blue cookies and let us know what you think.

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