The munchies are a condition that can occur after consuming cannabis. Some people might feel the need to eat more, while others may feel lethargic and unable to concentrate. While it is impossible to avoid the munchies entirely, there are some tricks you can use to minimize how often they happen or even eliminate them altogether.

How To Beat The Munchies — Is It Even Possible? is a question that many people have been asking. There are many different ways to beat the munchies, but Reddit was able to find one way to help.

Cannabis offers many advantages, ranging from emotional and physical suffering to spiritual inquiry. However, there is one drawback to cannabis for those who are trying to lose weight: the munchies!

But how can you put a stop to it?

Before meals, light up.

This method combats the cravings by not battling them at all, but rather using them to your advantage. It simply implies that you must prepare ahead of time when you intend to smoke in order to take advantage of this natural side effect.

I like smoking while preparing a delicious dinner for two reasons:

  1. It allows me to enjoy the process of cooking.
  2. I’m hungry now that I’ve cooked. If I don’t smoke, I usually don’t want to eat anything after I’ve been cooking for at least an hour. I’ll be able to smoke and dine with my family this way. Yum!

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Although this is a sensible approach to cope with unhealthy cravings, you are still succumbing to them.

Going cold turkey is a difficult task.

“I went cold turkey on this habit; I simply quit one day, and it wasn’t that difficult.”

The trick is not to eat anything, because once you start, it’s difficult to stop.” — Some Reddit user

Personally, I don’t believe you need to go to such extremes, but other individuals find that the challenge of depriving oneself of these fleeting pleasures is enough to break the habit. If it works, it’s a winner!

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However, the individual is correct. Munchies is a compulsive habit that starts with one doughnut and quickly escalates to a couple more for good measure.

If you’re going to go cold turkey and put your commitment to the test, I’d advise being as religious as possible. However, since you’ll constantly be starving yourself post-toke, this may begin to degrade your high.

That’s no way to have fun!

snacks that are good for you

One of the most effective methods to “fight the munchies” is to properly prepare for them. The greatest problem with the munchies isn’t that you’re hungry; it’s that you don’t want to eat sweet, calorie-dense trash.

Instead, you may prepare for the cravings by stocking your fridge with nutritious items that are ready to eat at a moment’s notice.

5 healthy munchies to fit almost every diet Unsplash photo by Irina Iriser

Make a dish of roasted peanuts with dried cranberries, for example. Cut up carrots, celery stalks, and jicama into small Tupperware containers and store in the fridge.

You can also create nutritious delights like cacao balls by mixing it with organic peanut butter, ground almonds, and shredded coconut, then freezing them. That stuff is incredible!

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These super foods will help you fight the cravings by providing your body with super-nutritious snacks that will boost your energy levels and provide you with all the nutrients you need.

I went through a phase when I drank smoothies every day for snacks, all raw organic ingredients, and I felt incredible. I really need to get back into it!

Smoke should be directed away from the source.

Another approach is to make compliance more difficult for you. After all, if you put forth more effort to comply, you can decrease the urge.

Only smoke in the woods, away from people and shops, for example. Alternatively, the fridge may be locked. Put your favorite foods out of reach if you want to make it more difficult.

This method works for procrastination, but I believe it requires too much effort to be a long-term habit. What if it starts to rain? Are you going to go for a smoke in the woods? Of course not; you’ll most likely be toking at home, which means you’ll be dealing with the same issue. Check out this study to see whether women get the munchies more than men after smoking cannabis.

Link Between Cannabis And The Munchies Is More Complicated Than You Might Think Unsplash photo by Christopher Williams

Wait ten minutes and be careful.

This is one of my own techniques that has previously worked for me. You may use this simple technique to hack your mind since eating might be a compulsive behavior.

Simply said, if you want to eat, stop what you’re doing, set an alarm for 10-minutes, and monitor your condition.

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Look at what you’re wanting and ask yourself, “Will this assist me or not?” Is it truly necessary? Is there anything more I could do? By the conclusion of the 10-minute period, you should have decreased the strength of the urge and be able to make an informed choice about whether or not to engage.

The key is to become conscious of your compulsions rather than to deny yourself. You can free yourself from “automatic reactions” and stop being a slave to your body if you do this. One reason some individuals experience the munchies more than others is because of leptin levels in their bodies.

You’ll f*** up now and again, and that’s just OK!

However, the more you practice “mindful chomping,” the better you’ll get at seeing the underlying programs that control so much of your behavior.

This technique, however, is not restricted to marijuana; you can use it for everything from gaming to porn, cigarette smoking, or any other problem you may have. A little amount of awareness can go a long way.

In conclusion

When it comes to coping with the munchies, you just have a few choices at the end of the day:

  1. Eat and smoke (meals)
  2. Get some more nutritious snacks.
  3. Deny yourself by going “cold turkey.”
  4. Make it more difficult to comply
  5. Be aware of your actions.

The only other option for dealing with munchies is to avoid them, which includes avoiding smoking marijuana. Others have claimed that high CBD marijuana strains decrease the appetite. I’m not sure about it, but it might be a viable alternative.

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The munchies the day after is a feeling that comes after consuming cannabis. It can be difficult to beat, but it’s not impossible.

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