The following is an excerpt from an article on a (Cannabis) blog called “lizziescbd” concerning the Hopewell Township Board of Health’s vote to temporarily prohibit recreational marijuana from being sold in Hopewell Township.

“Your right to use recreational cannabis in Hopewell Township will be temporarily suspended as of April 8, 2018, after the Township Council decided to prohibit the use of recreational cannabis in the township. The prohibition will last for six months, and the Township will continue to enforce the ban until July 8, 2018.”



For the time being, Hopewell Township is banning all six cannabis business class permits.

During a virtual meeting on Aug. 16, members of the Municipality Committee approved an ordinance banning any cannabis-related company from operating in the township. The law was passed ahead of the state deadline for towns to decide whether to participate in recreational cannabis.

The law was approved by Mayor Julie Blake, Deputy Mayor Courtney Peters-Manning, Township Committeeman Kevin Kuchinski, Township Committeeman Michael Ruger, and Township Committeewoman Kristin McLaughlin.

“Opting out is the only way we can have control over our own fate. We have no control if we don’t opt out,” Mayor Julie Blake stated.

The decision to ban all courses is just temporary, and it ensures that the township meets the state’s Aug. 21 deadline.

“This ordinance will opt the township out of all cannabis operations for the time being in order to ensure that we reach our state deadline. The primary goal is to fulfill the statutory deadline,” said Scott Miccio of law firm Parker McCay, a township attorney. “If we do not make the statutory deadline, it will be imposed on the Township of Hopewell, and the township will not be able to choose which parts to roll out.”

After the opt-out law was passed, the township also passed a reasons resolution. The opt-out legislation had been deemed incompatible with the Master Plan by the Planning Board, which had raised concerns about the ban of cultivation under the ordinance since agriculture is a component of the Master Plan.

At the evening meeting, there were two ordinances on the agenda: one opting in to recreational cannabis and the other choosing out. On second reading, the ordinance opting in to manufacture and cultivation died in favor of a significantly modified version opting in that included Planning Board and other stakeholder suggestions.

At the same meeting, the Township Committee proposed an opt-in ordinance allowing production and cultivation. On Sept. 13, a public hearing on the ordinance will be held at a Township Committee meeting.

“Because we’re altering zoning regulations, a special notice is required. This implies that everyone who lives in the Valley Resource Conservation (VRC) zone will be aware of the changes in the law,” Blake said. “Unless you’re inside 200 feet of that zone, it won’t impact everyone in that area.”

Township authorities said that some homes would get notices even if they were not in close proximity to the prospective businesses.

In the VRC Zone, cannabis cultivation and production would be conditional uses. The property must be at least 50 acres in size, no more than two miles from the interstate interchange, and have a maximum lot coverage of 15%, among other requirements.

According to law, every prospective application seeking local support must submit a concept plan to the Township Committee for consideration and explain how the applicant would comply with the township’s zoning, site plan, and licensing criteria.

The suggestions would be considered by the Township Committee in the order in which they were presented.

A cannabis company cannot operate in the township without a state permission or license from the Cannabis Regulatory Commission, as well as Hopewell Township’s supervision and issuance of a license.

The applicant would need to seek site plan approval from the Planning Board, adhere with all aspects of its concept plan and other township laws, and pay necessary fees in order to get local license. Each local license would be renewed once a year and would be subject to a charge.

A $5,000 application fee will be charged for a cannabis grower or manufacturing license in Hopewell Township. According to the ordinance, the yearly registration cost would be $5,000.

Additionally, cultivators and manufacturers’ hours of operation will be restricted to 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For cannabis sales by growers and manufacturers, Hopewell Township’s law allows for a tax of up to 2%. The highest tax rate that may be imposed is 2%.

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