If you’re looking for a tasty way to get your daily CBD dose, you’re in luck. Joint Delivery Co. is now offering honeycomb shatter, a CBD concentrate designed to provide vaping enthusiasts with a reliable dose of the oleaginous hemp extract. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the primary components found in the versatile cannabis plant. Unlike its more famous cousin tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), joint delivery company’s shatter is free of the active components that produce a euphoric “high.”

As you may already know, I am a big fan of Honeycomb Labs shatter. The company is new to the CBD market but have already released several products that are getting excellent reviews. One such product is Honeycomb Labs Shatter. It comes in three different flavors, all of which are delicious. I have tried the blueberry flavor and it is great. The shatter is not too hard and not too soft. It is not like a hard spackle like shatter. Instead, it is soft like a big chunk or butter. It is very pliable and easy to use.

When you go to purchase shatter online, the myriad of options can be overwhelming, and the important question is how to choose the right one for you. Below, we’ll help you figure out what makes your perfect shatter. There are a few factors that will determine which shatter you end up with: first, you want to understand the difference between solvent-based and non-solvent based. Second, you’ll want to know how to determine if you’re getting the amount of THC promised. Finally, you’ll want to know if there’s any CBD in the shatter you’re buying.

Joint Delivery Co. is the new kid on the block, bringing the heat of spices (like a Honeycomb Labs shutterbug) to the neighborhood. Have you ever imagined a day when there would be a single service for everything you need to smoke? Joint Delivery Co. is the sandman who makes all these dreams come true. Shh! Don’t tell Gaiman! word-image-4227 JOIN US IN A JOINT DELIVERY! They gave me a shopping bag with paper and RAW rolling tips, gasket tubes and a clip-on lighter – everything I could possibly need to roll their sweet Sunset Sherbet flower on the spot without having to drive to the head shop! Blackberry Cheese Shatter from Honeycomb Labs and a Bhang 45mg chocolate bar (yay, edible stuff!) completed my gift bag. The Sunset Sherbet buds were warm green, covered in a layer of frosted trichomes with dark orange hairs that gave off a slightly musty, sweet smell that I loved more and more after each bowl. This predominantly indica variety is ideal for treating depression, pain, anxiety and stress. A brief intoxication spread through my body, quickly calming and relaxing as it went. It works great for cramps. word-image-10956 And now, ladies and gentlemen, the star of the show! The Blackberry Cheese Shatter from Honeycomb Labs was exceptionally tasty. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything from Honeycomb Labs that I didn’t like, and this strain is no different. The appearance is characteristic of a high-quality concentrate – a golden, glossy sheen that is easy to handle with the hands. The wonderful smell of tangy fruit and citrus invaded my nose when I first received it. However, it tasted earthy and piney, which didn’t match at all the citrus smell that hit me when I opened the package. This strain caused a severe headache that I couldn’t get rid of for hours. I don’t recommend using heavy machinery after blackberry cheese! You don’t want to miss out on all the benefits that Joint Delivery Co. has to offer. From designer accessories to top quality gifts, this company has everything your little heart desires. I will definitely use them in the future. I must have Honeycomb Labs! Visit their website and see for yourself. Shh! You can follow them on Instagram to keep up with new updates on giveaways, sneaks and grabs, and sweepstakes. That’s it! Bookmark.The latest delivery from Honeycomb Labs is a THC-infused shatter that promises to give you a long-lasting jolt of energy, alleviate any stress or anxiety, and help you focus on anything that you need to get done. The formula is made from high-quality cannabis oil, which is a mixture of cannabinoids and other compounds that are extracted from the marijuana plant. It takes a lot of work to create the right formula, but it’s well worth it.. Read more about how to make shatter wax at home and let us know what you think.

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