Over the past few months there has been a lot of talk about cannabis and how we can use it as a medicine and as a recreational drug. I have been following Yaadcore’s career and cannabis advocacy for a while now and was excited to see him speak at the first cannabis convention in the US and become active and involved in the cannabis community.

The medical and recreational cannabis industry has come a long way in a short amount of time. Now that cannabis is legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia, and medical cannabis is legal in nearly half of those states, we’re starting to see major changes in the way the plant is viewed. With the new law comes new opportunities for entrepreneurs, new job roles, and of course, new tenants. One of the most noteworthy new tenants is Y.A.D.D.E.R., or Yaadcore, a cannabis dispensary that promotes the plant’s benefits without the stigma attached to it.

A warm December evening in 2017, a slight chill in the air, a wife and three children sat in a car, watching the sun set in the distance. As the final rays of sunshine disappeared for the evening, the family noticed a familiar red and white flag flying above a building in their hometown of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It was the Pikes Peak Cannabis Coalition, the local lobby group for medical and recreational marijuana usage.. Read more about high times latest news and let us know what you think.



Yaadcore has released a ganja-heavy song as a follow-up to The Calling and Tension, which pays homage to cannabis’ therapeutic qualities while also issuing a strong call to action against the plant’s battle. If the original song, Nyquill (Spliff A Light Spliff), wasn’t lyrical enough, he recently enlisted legendary reggae singer Richie Spice to produce a trippy remix, the audio-visual production for which debuted on High Times, the cannabis culture bible.

“I feel happy, enuh,” Yaadcore said of the praise he got from The Gleaner, a US-based publication that has covered counterculture ideas and news for over 30 years – and has campaigned for marijuana legalization.

“It’s a blessing to know that people are open to my music and what I have to offer to the table as a respectable marijuana resource,” he said.

He said that for decades, Jamaican reggae artists have been unrivaled in their support for cannabis legalization, use, and education of their music’s listeners on the advantages of such use. Even today, with the holy herb’s decriminalization in the United States, many claim to have changed its status from prohibited to preferred, and a few, like Yaadcore, are devoted to spreading the knowledge of all that it can accomplish. As a result, it solidifies his status as a worldwide ambassador and promoter of cannabis culture.

“I am a full-fledged cannabis cultural ambassador. Marijuana is a plant that, in my opinion, should be free of any persecution. People are being confronted with a variety of restrictions when it comes to using it. Granted, we are given access to a certain quantity without being penalized or persecuted by the law, and for that I am grateful, but small growers and dealers continue to face challenges,” he added. “Just like an onion or garlic, it should be handled like any other plant. Because of the medical advantages and spiritual aspects of its usage, it means a lot to me. I learned how marijuana exposes us to ourselves and helps me feel more at ease in being who I am while I was growing up, and in terms of Rastafari, it is one energy that provided me shelter into understanding that it is not anything terrible even with the stigma attached.”



Yaadcore, whose real name is Rory Cha, stated that his parents had always discouraged him from using marijuana, particularly smoking it, as a kid, but he was always more receptive to the plant’s therapeutic benefits.

“My father disliked smoking, but that was one justification for holding on to the notion that it was harmful for you. However, it has other purposes, and with its decriminalization, we’ve seen individuals who were before rigid or opposed to it become more tolerant. I found that it relaxes me and enables me to be more creative – mainly indica or hybrid strains. “I feel them to be more powerful,” Yaadcore said.

He went on to say that Nyquill (Spliff A Light Spliff) was conceived in one of those “creative freedom” moments.

“I wanted to demonstrate a medicinal connection to marijuana, and that’s even how the name Nyquill came up, understanding that it’s a pharmaceutical medication that helps people relax and sleep,” Yaadcore said. It’s just emphasizing the therapeutic properties of cannabis, as if to say, “Don’t resist it.” And while I was brainstorming ideas for how to give the song a boost, I contacted Richie Spice, and we recorded the remix.”

On the neo-roots beat that is sure to be a good stoner hymn, the selector-turned-recording artiste and Richie Spice vocally compliment each other. While windswept ganja fields have long served as a backdrop for reggae artists’ music videos, the Fernando Hevia-directed film is set in one of Jamaica’s state-of-the-art indoor farms, ushering in a new era in which marijuana can be treated as an important contributor to the island’s economy and tourism.

In addition to musical models for cannabis advocacy, Yaadcore is working on a 12-track album called Reggae Land, which will serve as the foundation for his future as a recording artist as he moves from touring as a radio jockey for reggae revivalists like Protoje. He just completed a mini-tour of the United States’ East Coast, including stops in New York and California.

“It’s both difficult and simple at the same time. Making a shift in any field is difficult, and convincing others that you are someone else is much more difficult. As a result, the quality of the music has an effect over time. After the first three to four tracks, I see a different response from the skeptics, and I acquire new admirers who are unfamiliar with my DJ background. He replied, “Give gratitude a little bit for both.”

“My experience as a selector has taught me a lot about what works and what people enjoy, and it’s become second nature to me to play music. It displays the final result for me. Observing how people respond to music expands my understanding and improves my production, allowing me to communicate to them poetically. “People can certainly anticipate a lot more,” Yaadcore said.

Today, while the world is focused on the legalization of cannabis in Canada, I am thinking about how years ago, when I first began working in the field of cannabis advocacy, I was the only person in the world working in the industry. Since then, the world has seen an explosion of interest in cannabis. The federal government has legalized cannabis, and many provinces across Canada are setting up their own systems to grow, process, and distribute cannabis. We are witnessing the birth of a new industry.. Read more about high times smoke shop and let us know what you think.

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