Hemp milk is all the rage these days. It has been said to be the healthiest plant based milk and the most environmentally friendly of all plant based milks. It’s also said to have all the benefits of milk, but none of the drawbacks.

Hemp milk is made from hemp seeds, which are ground into a fine powder and mixed with water to produce a creamy drink. It combines the wholesome goodness of milk with the benefits of hemp.

Hemp is a controversial crop that’s used in various applications such as food, textiles, and construction. It’s also used as a source of CBD oil. But it’s not everywhere, and you won’t find it in stores.

I’m sitting in my kitchen, ready to take my first drink of a vegan milk that reduces carbon emissions and boosts biodiversity. The carbon footprint of dairy milk is significant. Soy is related to deforestation, whereas almonds require a lot of water. But how does hemp seed milk, the new kid on the block, do in terms of taste?

The Soil Association’s Innovative Farmers initiative is looking into how industrial hemp cultivation might help with the transition to a low-carbon economy. The environmental advantages of cultivating hemp will be quantified in cooperation with experts at Cranfield University and the British Hemp Alliance. Five farmers are participating in agricultural experiments that began last month to learn more about this plant’s capacity to sequester or store carbon, enhance soil health, and boost biodiversity.

“Hemp may be a really useful tool, but the UK is presently behind the curve globally, and there is a clear dearth of data,” says Nathaniel Loxley, co-founder of the British Hemp Alliance and project coordinator for Innovative Farmers.

Hemp, as a crop, offers a lot of potential environmental advantages. Hemp roots grow up to 3 meters deep and don’t need pesticides or much water, so they may assist improve soil structure and nutrient levels, possibly leading to higher yields in follow-on crops.

A group from Innovative Farmers listen to a talk at a hemp facility in east Yorkshire

“From a dietary standpoint, hemp seed milk checks all the boxes. It’s low in saturated fats, has no sugar or cholesterol, is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, and is an excellent source of omega-3, according to Ben Cooper, Good Hemp’s brand manager. To create this milk, Cooper says that entire hempseed hearts are processed “with some wizardry” to generate a cream, rather than an oil, as with other plant-based dairy products.

Good Hemp is the UK’s first and largest hemp milk producer, although it imports the majority of its seed from Europe and Canada since just 20 UK farmers are presently allowed to cultivate hemp. “We’d want to get all of our seed from the United Kingdom. That is our goal if farmers continue to grow hemp as a crop, whether commercially or as a rotating crop.”

However, before becoming a popular vegan milk product, unfavorable stereotypes must be dispelled. “People think of marijuana, but comparing a tiger to a house cat is like comparing a tiger to a house cat. Cooper explains, “They’re from the same family, but they’re distinct plants.” Although hemp does not contain significant amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient present in cannabis, it is nevertheless classed as a prohibited substance in the United Kingdom, and growers must apply for a license from the Home Office before planting it.

Hemp, on the other hand, is not a new crop. Since the 16th century, it has been used to make rope, nets, and sails. Hemp is currently utilized to produce hempcrete, animal bedding, and fire briquettes, as well as textiles and paper. Some kinds are better for fibers, while others are better for seeds.

The breadth of this farmer-led experiment excites Loxley, who produces organic hemp in Sussex. “We want to pave the road for additional UK farmers by better understanding hemp’s advantages and gathering data on it.”

This experiment is only the beginning for Dr. Lynda Deeks, a soil scientist at Cranfield University. She recently taught the five farmers how to evaluate soil health by determining how readily it breaks down, how aerated it is, how many distinct earthworms are present – the more the better – and if it smells pleasant, indicating that it is well-balanced. Throughout the season, they will also count the number of birds, butterflies, and insects present on the crop and assess how fast water filters down into the soil.

Dr Lynda Deeks in a hemp field


Deeks will evaluate the data over the following two years. “Hemp has the potential to help store carbon and enhance habitat, as well as promote soil biodiversity and biodiversity above ground. Farming is also about planning for the future, and if this crop improves soil health and drainage capacity, it may be able to sustain landscapes in a changing climate with greater rainy and dry extremes.”

Demand may rise if growers are able to provide the products in large quantities. One large oil seed pressing business has already shown interest in utilizing hemp seeds, and hemp seed milk production has a lot of room to grow in the transition to a more regenerative environment in the long run. “Hemp may be a tremendous catalyst for change,” Loxley says.

What about the flavor? I take a sip and swirl it about in my tongue; the flavor is light and nutty, not too sweet, and has a touch of sesame or pine nuts. It’s not as thick as semi-skimmed milk. It took me a long time to get accustomed to oat milk, so it tastes weird at first, but it’s certainly something I might grow to like.

The idea of drinking hemp milk is nothing new, and for many years it has been hailed as the healthier alternative to dairy. It is made by soaking the hemp seed in water and filtering out the water. Hemp milk is made from hemp seeds thanks to an amazing protein called cannabidiol (CBD), and it is said to have numerous health benefits.. Read more about very good hemp and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hemp milk yummy?

Yes, hemp milk is yummy.

What is hemp milk best used for?

Hemp milk is a type of milk made from the seeds, stem, and leaves of hemp plants. It is used for cooking or as an alternative to cows milk in many recipes.

Is hemp milk illegal?

Yes, hemp milk is illegal.

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