The Headband, or Illuminate DC, is a lightweight headband that allows you to light up your head with your choice of color, style, and pattern. The Headband is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and is a great alternative to your traditional headband, which can get in the way during fitness activities. The Headband is also a fun head accessory for Halloween, parties, or just for fun.

The DC Headband is the latest device I’m designing. I’ve made quite a few headbands for myself over the years, and this will be the first to go into the hands of others. It’s the first of what I hope will be a line of illuminated headbands.

Illuminate DC, a new light in the I71 constellation, is donating cannabis to promote its 100% soy candles, handmade in the good old USA. What a great idea! Who wouldn’t want to carry a few hundred candles in case Trump’s henchmen knock out the power grid? It only takes 72 hours of darkness to change a polite society – and that’s not exactly the scale we started on, is it? – Your group of survivors will need someone to stand guard against rival gangs. So take 4 candles per night, that makes 12, and you can trade the rest for ammo or medicine depending on your team’s strengths or weaknesses. word-image-10131 Visit Illuminate DC! О ! Or you can use a few of them to detonate a gas leak bomb in the suburbs of your enemies, after luring them with the false promise of fresh leftovers! Oh-ho, imagine their faces when they get home and see the rubble and ruins! And they told me I was crazy for keeping the candles from Illuminate DC. MAD? !? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! А… Good. We’ll get you some candles, okay? The Illuminate DC website is full of useful information and easy to navigate. Opening hours are listed above, and the Quick Tips section contains useful information for curious newcomers with kitten ears. You are so nice with your questions! It’s gonna be okay, Binksy, I promise. You can only see the gift menu after you have registered your account, which usually takes about 15 minutes. Your man got samples of the Headband and Sunset Sherbet colors from the deep menu of options to review, so let’s do it before the beast takes over the keyboard again and floods the site with cat memes, or worse, poetry for my starry heart, hell, without you here to shine, no, hell, bring it back. I knew you would. word-image-10132 Headband My Illuminate DC headband monster was essentially a giant, dense clump of light green with a red-orange hair sticking out here and there. Trichome coverage was minimal, which is in line with expectations for field crops. The flavor profile of this batch is subtly spicy – I think there is room for improvement. The smoke itself is soft and light, I barely coughed. Aside from the psychic headband after which the variety is named, Headband was perfect for my mood and conducive to writing and other productive activities, but, as is the case with many sativas, it’s not heavy enough to help with anxiety. When I’m quiet, it’s great, but when I’m browsing Twitter, I end up buying more candles. This is a reminder, folks. Enjoy it. word-image-10133 Sorbet at sunset like I did with the Illuminate DC sunset sorbet. It’s a sequel. I’m on a roll today, baby! My Sunset Sherbet specimen was full of equally dense buds with maybe a few more trichomes than the Headband. Still a subtle but rather earthy, slightly sweet aroma. This strain tends more towards indica, but I wasn’t sleepy at all this morning and my head wasn’t too fuzzy to think. I thought about the many lessons I had learned, the road I had had to travel…. Speaking of which, I need a wakai yesterday, but I think I’ll last another week or two here. If I still don’t have enough money after that, I’ll have to hire an assistant so I can spend more time on my passion, which is teaching teachers the proper technique for grouping snails with their students. Nothing says our democracy is doing well, why ask. like Mr. Ask Pemberton to grab a heater during history, right? word-image-10134 Illuminate DC’s excellent gift card makes them your favorite place for candles – here’s their website. The mango-papaya candle I bought smells great and helps hide the stronger scent of our favorite flower from my nosy neighbors, who certainly won’t be invited into the bomb shelter when the EMP hits. But Gentleman has a place for you, honey, as long as you sign up for my weekly newsletter!

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