I was late to the party. Coming out of retirement, I hit the ground running. I was moving around on the job and got the chance to review a number of new products and services for a major food manufacturer. I really liked what I tried in the kitchen, so I thought I would try it at home.

Oreos! The classic “milk-chocolate-cookie-crumb” sandwich cookie is the epitome of comfort food, and many people enjoy them, but should they have them in their diet? While the crunchy, filling cookie has been added to many products over the years, its original form of plain chocolate has been a staple for thousands of years. The “Lucky-Chucky” chocolate cookie was introduced in the early 1950s, and was a variation of the original chocolate cookie that was sprinkled with a lucky charm. The cookie’s lucky charm is a chocolate chip cookie with “lucky” covering its surface.

word-image-10217 The Gentleman has found a fantastic flower to relax you this weekend. I mean, let the air out and let the ass breathe, baby. I was immediately struck by the striking similarity between the delicious, creamy taste of this cone and its namesake. With a very decent overall average score of 3.0 (out of a possible 4.0), I rated Lucky Chuckie’s Oreos flower like this! AROMA: 3 (creamy) Taste: 3 (identical, and no flaws noted) Smoke: 4 (soft and light) ESSENTIAL GRADES ARE KNOWN! TRICHOMES: 3 (full cover, small) HARS: 0 (no stickiness observed) SEEDS: 4 (not observed) MANICURE: 3 (small stems remaining) STRUCTURE: 2 (mixture of small buds and popcorn) DEATH: 4 (elastic, stem cracks when pressed with finger) DENSITY: 4 (perfect) The effect of Oreos is wonderfully relaxing and feels like a safe and cozy blanket for the mind. My mood is flat, open and accepting of the ebb and flow of the universal ocean. Vibin is a trip, baby! Right now I’m totally immersed in DRAMA’s new single, Don’t Hold Back, this track is like KY to my ears. My excitement is low, but my astral assistant politely but emphatically points out the work ahead of me. I SAID I WAS TRYING TO VIBRATE, YOU WORM! !! It’s so hard to get good psychic help for monsters these days, isn’t it? /It would have been very easy to sit in the deck chair and not come back for a few hours, but that’s not easy. Oreos is softer than heavy and can be combined with any flow. But keep up the caffeine, Danny. It is NOW confirmed that Oreo’s are available at Lucky Chuckie! They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for home delivery and pickup in Washington. Call or text 202-424-8367 for delivery or 202-826-2246 for curbside pickup. And get 15% off your order by entering the code TOKER when ordering! Here is their full menu for you to choose from: More pictures of Lucky Chucky! Bookmark.

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