According to the urban dictionary, a “black millionaire” is a person of African descent who has acquired a large fortune through their accomplishments, in contrast to a “white millionaire” who made their money through a career in the financial sector. As a successful NBA player, Al Harrington surely falls into the latter category, but now he’s looking to cash in on the cannabis industry. Harrington, who played for the Washington Wizards, Dallas Mavericks, Charlotte Bobcats and Atlanta Hawks, has launched an investment fund called The 100 Black Millionaires, and as a seed investor in the company, he also has the opportunity to profit from the sale of cannabis products.

Former NBA player Al Harrington is aiming to create “100 black millionaires” through the cannabis industry. Harrington, who played for the Sacramento Kings, Orlando Magic and the New Jersey Nets, is the co-founder of the 100 Black Men of Cannabis, a charitable organization that promotes the use of cannabis in a positive manner. The organization aims to educate the public on the potential medical benefits of cannabis, as well as the benefits of the industry as a whole. Harrington and the organization are currently working on the creation of a cannabis-based line of products, which will be sold in dispensaries in California and Nevada, as well as other states.

Al Harrington is an American professional basketball player who played 13 years in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Currently, the 38-year-old is an investor in an organization that is creating a network of cannabis clubs in the United States. According to Harrington, more than 100 million African Americans have used cannabis in the past, and if the industry is left to the drug’s power, the number could increase to more than 100 million.



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Al Harrington, a former NBA player, aims to create a successful cannabis industry by helping people thrive. A positive mindset and strong family relationships are essential to his business model.. Read more about al harrington wife and let us know what you think.

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