The first Christmas I spent with my husband in Canada was quite memorable. All of the Christmas decorations were in place but nothing really looked like Christmas. We didn’t have any real Christmas trees or decorations. I decided to take a trip to the supermarket and I couldn’t help but think of Christmases past. I started looking through the fruit and vegetable section and thinking about all the Christmases I had spent in my life, and I realized that every Christmas I had, I was buying too much food.

This is my first post on a web-based blog, and I feel it is important to start with some real facts about Cannabisi. Cannabisi is one of the least used drugs in the world, far less than alcohol, cigarettes, or opiates. Many people are surprised to learn that Cannabisi has medicinal properties, and here is why:

Thanks to the legalization of marijuana, there are now a lot more options for people to enjoy cannabis than ever before. Medical marijuana dispensaries have sprung up all over, catering to the needs of sick people with products like cannabis tinctures, oils, and patches. Many people have started growing their own in-home gardens, or buying marijuana through online outlets like Amazon and eBay, and these are all excellent ways for people to access high-quality cannabis products.

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day, DC! Or not. It’s the same for me. Like the rest of the bachelors, I wanted to drink too much Merlot and cry hysterically in an orange chat about all my bitter disappointments before the desperate drunken conversations began, but I can’t because I have to finish the weekly revue. Sigh. I guess I’ll just keep it in a bottle until that lonely gray day when the inevitable aneurysm happens and move on, right? I’m sure you don’t mind. I can tell by your haircut that you are a stylish and fashionable man (or a hairy arina, of course). What if, during a brilliant adventure, you and your team of cool cats suddenly ran out of your favorite flowers, just so the party could go on? Shock! The horror! Heads will definitely roll!!! Wow, brother. Just relax. There’s an app for that. Cana15 calls itself the best mobile pharmacy in DC, with an emphasis on speed. Their goal is to deliver cannabis gifts within fifteen minutes. You must first download the application from the App Store (or Google Play). You need to set up your account there (hint: the country code for the phone number in the US is +1. No worries, I had to double check). Sure, you need the Order Now button, but if you have any questions or concerns, the Contact button will help you get that information, as well as a list of local cannabis-related events in town (from and even a specific gentleman you might recognize on the page you’re reading. Well, I am! You pay for your box or bag of non-infused goodies in three different sizes with a prepaid credit or debit card (I bought chocolate ginger cookies), which comes with a free cannabis gift. A few minutes after you place your order, you’ll receive a text message with the time of arrival, and then another when they’re about to arrive. The geniuses at Cana15 were kind enough to contact me for my opinion on the available greens. I was very pleased! My samples arrived in plastic cups with the names of the species on the lid. Each batch had its own unique, sweet flavor. The pieces were very compact, but a little hard and dry, so I put them in a Lazarus pit (er, Boveda bag jar) for a day or two, and they immediately came to life. For your information: The website does not allow you to choose a variety or add a note to your order. So if you’re looking for something specific, I’d ask when they’ll contact you. word-image-12121 Perhaps most useful was the double sleep. With its soothing eucalyptus scent, I find this gentle smoke to be a great relief from the fatigue that occurs after leaving the office. This hybrid cross between Blue Dream and Dream Star provided a refreshing physical buzz that woke me up and put me in a conversational mood, while calming anxiety. This is a very interesting discovery for aliens disguised as humans, real humans in fact! word-image-12122 Ghost OG Ghost OG, with a very classy and glistening trichome layer, is another great OG Kush option I’m dying to try. The usual earthy sweetness of the parent wine was indeed present, but muted, with floral notes. Just as uplifting as OG Kush, but much fresher. This hybrid tends towards Indica without being sleepy. Perfect for a winter weekend. You and your group of darlings (yikes, gross, already checked in) will be perusing your Netflix drama queue like digital tissue paper, baby! word-image-12123 Juicy fruit It was the strong smell of the juicy fruit packets that made me want to be the Kool-Aid man of Cana15. Oh, yeah. That’s what I mean. It’s sweet, a little fruity, and yes, it smells like gum. This delicious and savory hybrid spreads across your synapses like a cool breeze, lifting your mood and giving you an energetic and introspective high. This combination makes it a great option for creative daytime work, meditation, or the totally unwarranted amount of paperwork the military demands of former military officers visiting Russian dignitaries. word-image-4514 As if! Right, guys? So Cana15 has a selection of great bags, delivered fast enough to get you to your Brony meeting on time. How can you not like it? Even before your nails are dry, a friendly professional driver is at the door with cookies and cannabis! If you have any questions, check out their website and FAQ. Or just download the app because you’re too cool to read the instructions: here it is in the App Store and on Google Play. You’re on Instagram, of course. Oooooh, me too, me too! Follow us both!Flowers From Cana15, a canna-blog that posts cannabis related news and information.. Read more about ring bearer age and let us know what you think.

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