The New York City Council has approved a bill that will allow the sale of cannabis in the city, but only if it is flower. This means no edibles and no concentrates.

The how big is nyc is a question that has been asked in the cannabis industry for a while. Now, the Flower to be Permitted Following First Regulatory Meeting in New York will answer this question.



For the first time in the program’s five-year existence, medical marijuana users in New York will soon be allowed to buy smokable marijuana.

On Tuesday, the state’s newly created regulatory body authorized the sale of marijuana flower, expanding the medical marijuana market’s options beyond vaping goods and oils. 

The Cannabis Control Board, which is made up of five members and is “responsible with executing the Marihuana Regulation & Taxation Act and promoting the cannabis business in New York State,” had its inaugural meeting. The meeting took place two weeks after New York Governor Kathy Hochul appointed the panel’s last two members. 

The Cannabis Control Board is part of the Office of Cannabis Management, which was established under the legislation that legalized recreational marijuana use in New York earlier this year. 

The Office of Cannabis Management, as described by the legislation, is “a first-in-the-nation complete regulatory framework to supervise the licensing, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, sale, and taxation of medicinal, adult-use, and cannabinoid hemp inside New York State.”

The City of New York Makes a Change

While recreational marijuana sales are still some 18 months away in New York, Democrats in Albany have urged the new regulatory body to go through with reforms to the state’s medicinal marijuana program, which began in 2016.

Hochul, too, has urged for a stronger sense of urgency in implementing the state’s new marijuana laws.

Hochul said in announcing her nominations to the board last month, “New York’s cannabis business has been delayed for far too long.” “I’m making key appointments to ensure that the Office of Cannabis Management gets off to a good start.”

The Cannabis Control Board approved additional reforms on Tuesday, according to the Buffalo News, announcing that it would “immediately loosen rules governing the state’s medical marijuana program, including greatly expanding who can prescribe medical marijuana—to include everyone from dentists to midwives.”

Expanding the list of authorities who may prescribe marijuana, according to the newspaper, “would significantly extend the range of health care participants to include anybody allowed to distribute a prohibited drug, which can include podiatrists and other areas of medical treatment, in addition to dentists.” 

According to the Buffalo News, “almost 3,400 health care practitioners, mainly doctors, nurse practitioners, and some physician assistants, [who] have been authorized to certify patients as eligible for the medication” are presently available.

The board “also increased to 60 days the quantity of marijuana that may be administered, eliminating the $50 registration fee for patients and caregivers, and making it simpler for institutions, including hospitals, to provide medicinal marijuana to patients,” according to the newspaper.

The greatest news from Tuesday’s meeting was the inclusion of smokable flower to the state’s medical marijuana supply, which will provide a more affordable alternative for patients who had previously only been able to get tablets, vapes, and oils. They will now be able to acquire smokable cannabis if that is their preferred method of treatment. 

According to the Buffalo News, sales of marijuana flower at the state’s medicinal marijuana shops would not begin “until certain quality control procedures are performed by the state.”

However, one suggestion was turned down by the board. “Cultivation of marijuana by individuals authorized for medicinal reasons was not approved Tuesday due to a six-month delay in forming the new board,” the newspaper reports. 

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