Legislation to allow patients access to cannabis through the use of a medical marijuana card has been proposed and debated, but the bill has yet to be passed into law. The legislation has been proposed in multiple states in recent years and most recently state lawmakers in Michigan introduced House Bill No. 4209. The bill is intended to allow patients to grow limited amounts of marijuana if they have a qualifying medical condition.

Canna-patient advocates are continuing to push for the right to grow their own cannabis, rather than rely on dispensaries to provide their medicine. Some of the more vocal proponents are former patients who have been denied the right to grow their own, while others are patients who have found the costs associated with acquiring their medicine to be prohibitively high. Health Canada has in the past endorsed allowing patients to grow their own, but has since changed its tune, forcing patients to acquire their medicine from licensed dispensaries instead.

Sorry, we’re not going to write a post about a massive victory for those with epilepsy. Oh, we’d love to. But, like a lot of people, we’re having trouble focusing on anything else.. Read more about west virginia mmj laws and let us know what you think.




The West Virginia Medicinal Cannabis Advisory Board will continue to debate whether West Virginians who qualify for medical marijuana should be allowed to cultivate their own plants.

Last week, board members gathered to continue talks and address any concerns about dispensary access and pricing.

In April 2017, Gov. Jim Justice approved the state’s medical marijuana legislation, allowing patients to utilize medicinal cannabis plants and products for medical purposes.

Rusty Williams, a board member who represents patients, has advocated for enabling individuals to cultivate plants.

“Basically, when I made the recommendation, I just think that even when our dispensary system is up and running — especially in a state like West Virginia, which is one of the most economically depressed states in the country — we’re going to have people priced out of their medicine or their insurance won’t cover this.”

Williams said, “I believe homegrow is a key component of that.”

Patients may cultivate a restricted number of plants, according to board member Jesse Forbes, if the state Legislature adopts such a regulation.

“From our viewpoint, we’re trying to figure out whether this is something that would help make it more cheap for people who don’t have insurance that covers these types of goods or anything like that, and who may not be actively working if they’re suffering from cancer or whatever,” he added.

Dr. Libby Stuyt, an addiction psychiatrist from Colorado, spoke before the board. She told the board that since recreational marijuana was legalized in 2014, she has observed “more and more” issues. Concerns about high-potency THC, cannabis’ primary intoxicating ingredient, were raised by Stuyt.

She said, “I’ve concluded it’s one of the most hazardous medicines we have.”

“Someone may have 12 plants in their home, but they really have 120 plants in their home. And if their neighbors complain about the scent or the traffic surrounding the home, the authorities can’t really investigate without a warrant since everything smells the same.”

To avoid potential abuse, state authorities should treat medicinal cannabis like medication, according to Stuyt.

“I appreciate the notion that when you have homegrows, you have no clue what they’re producing in terms of safety and other things,” she added.

On Wednesday, the West Virginia University School of Public Health building in Morgantown’s Mountaineer Mall will host a public sign-up session for medicinal cannabis patients hosted by the state Office of Medical Cannabis. A completed patient certification form, an unexpired identity card, evidence of West Virginia residence, and a $50 patient identification card application fee are required of certified patients.

Cannabis is now legal for recreational use in Canada (it was previously legal for medicinal use), and that means there are many patients who want to grow their own medicine, but the law does not allow it.. Read more about jason frame west virginia and let us know what you think.

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