The cannabis industry is currently dominated by men. Women are needed to help shift the balance and make this industry more inclusive and diverse.

The women grow is a blog post by a woman in the cannabis business. She talks about how she feels like women are needed in the cannabis industry and that it’s time for them to step up and take their place.



Dear Cannabis Women,  

You are required in every aspect of this rapidly expanding business.

While women occupied almost one-third of senior-level positions at cannabis businesses, according to a 2019 study by MJBizDaily, the migration of male executives from male-dominated sectors now threatens career prospects for women in an industry previously lauded for its progressiveness.

Unfortunately, many of the poisonous and sexist business practices that present in sectors like entertainment and technology, which are famously dominated by males, were carried over into this migration.

Harassment is a real thing.

Being a female cannabis practitioner during these formative years means you’ve almost certainly dealt with some kind of gender discrimination, if not outright harassment. In fact, according to a Weedmaps study, the majority of respondents claimed they have been harassed at work, which may lead to friction that affects performance or perhaps leaving the sector entirely.

I was engaged in a scenario earlier this year that made me really consider a career change away from cannabis. When a coworker questioned why I stayed, I said simply and honestly, “There’s still too much work to be done.”

Part of this job is assisting and encouraging female coworkers, but it also entails being present and taking action to promote the company culture required to retain current talent and recruit the next generation of cannabis trailblazers.  

Those who have pledged to remain, I encourage you to put the following items first:

Communicate often.

During both good and difficult times, encourage open and healthy dialogue with other practitioners.  

When there’s good news, it’s simple to connect with like-minded coworkers; but, when there’s a problem, a lack of communication can rapidly transform a minor issue into a dispute that robs both parties of productivity and progress.

Be willing to make apologies across the aisle, whether it’s with people in your own community or across the nation.

Join a group of people.

Inspire female practitioners from various legal jurisdictions to come together in support, empowerment, and cooperation.

We’ve been able to quickly build and grow connections with cannabis practitioners from all around the globe because to social media. Even if you don’t know someone, interacting with their material on social media may frequently lead to a friendship. Forging these connections is crucial for women in cannabis to feel more at home in an industry that can often seem like a “boys club.”   

Take care of your mental health and the mental health of others.

Check in, set an example, and treat people as you would want to be treated.

The cannabis industry’s fast-paced, high-stress environment may be difficult to manage both intellectually and emotionally. Reach out to any female practitioners in your network who you suspect are having difficulties, and be careful not to contribute to their emotional distress by gaslighting or downplaying their suffering.

If you’re thinking about quitting the business, I encourage you to remain and join the numerous ladies working in cultivation, compliance, marketing, sales, and other areas who are shattering preconceptions and stigmas to help mold it into the industry it can be.


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